Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, April 28, 2019

More than part of Notre Dame has been lost

Watching the Cathedral of Notre Dame go up in flames I felt like I’d been “gut punched.” Notre Dame is one of the world’s best known symbols of Christianity and of Western Civilization. Structures like ND aren’t built anymore. Not only have we lost the expertise to do so but the heart as well. Christianity and Western Civilization are under tremendous assault. Both are in retreat across Europe, especially in France which has an aggressive secularist movement.

By all accounts, the French are some of the most Godless people in Europe. Church attendance is down and people identify less and less as Christians. The France, and Western Europe, we’ve known for centuries are dying due to apathy, secularism, or being replaced by Muslims. Videos showed hundreds of teary eyed people watching as Notre Dame burned. What were they mourning? The loss of a structure, the loss of history, the loss of art, or the loss of the heart and soul of France? French President Macron said that France will rebuild. Rebuild for what? What is in the heart and the soul of France? Of Europe? You’d be hard pressed to convince me that Christianity is in their hearts.

Apply what’s happening in France and Europe to America. If a community wants to lose something, stop supporting it. If you want theaters, churches, live music, and restaurants to thrive, you must support them or they will go. The Macon Symphony is a perfect example. Last year, it ceased due to decreased attendance. Increasingly, churches in America are closing. Why is that? Simple – attendance is dropping. Every day, Christians are slandered and mocked. The only way such mocking and slandering could happen is because Christianity is in retreat. Just like Europe, secularism and the rejection of religion is on the rise. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer Americans believe in God; instead, they go all-in with the latest “fashion” belief. It’s global warming and Trump collusion today. What will it be tomorrow? Once a “non-religious” belief has found an audience, it’s almost impossible to convince them otherwise. I’ve said before, I seek the truth and the truth starts with a Divine Providence.

Sloan Oliver,


Glad to see it

Thanks to The Telegraph for publishing Gail Collins’ editorial out of The New York Times, “States push for No Choice.” I was very pleased to see a well-reasoned and thorough piece covering all the recent legislation aiming to curtail women’s rights to exercise control over their bodies. All I can say is “Amen, sister!”

Harriet Jardine,


For shame

Where are the MSM articles expressing relief that President Trump did not collude to win 2016 election?

Why doesn’t Sen. Isakson speak up that the Mueller Report delivered President Trump good news?

When President Trump has tens of thousands supporters at a rally, why is the MSM is silent?

Read anything on low unemployment thanks to President Trump?

Why doesn’t Sen. Perdue speak up that the Mueller Report delivered President Trump good news?

When was last time a MSM article byline was positive of President Trump?

Where are stories positive on Georgia’s abortion baby vote?

Why doesn’t Rep. Austin Scott speak up that the Mueller Report delivered President Trump good news?

Why aren’t we reading about the Democrat success blocking passage to deny abortion after birth?

We have three organizations, MSM, Republicans and Democrats, purposely seeking to destroy a man who is shaking this country out of a ruinous slumber. President Trump is delivering great results and it is time to get off the sidelines and support his actions

Bob Norcott,