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This is Viewpoints for Sunday, April 14, 2019

Houston County cop talks about being hit by a car

Anna Lange, a Houston County sheriff's deputy, talks about being hit by a car when she was riding her bike and the realization she had after the accident.
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Anna Lange, a Houston County sheriff's deputy, talks about being hit by a car when she was riding her bike and the realization she had after the accident.

Glad to see

Thank you for the April 7 front page headline story about transgender sheriff’s deputy Anna Lange. I can only imagine the feedback you may have already received about this. Personally, I applaud your decision to research, write and publish this story.

As a writer, I appreciate your choice of headline “I’m not ashamed of who I am,” and the device of letting Anna’s words speak for themselves. Also, the photography of Anna speaks eloquently in and of itself.

I am a “straight but not narrow” reader who believes in equality for all (not just for those who agree with and look like me)

I am also a Christian who takes the words of Jesus Christ very seriously, especially “Love God and love your neighbor.” According to my Bible, Jesus said that these are the two most important commandments.

I also take very seriously the words he didn’t say. Nothing in the Gospels records Jesus’ condemnation of LGBT folks, though he did have choice words for religious hypocrites.

Transgender persons, as well as all others in the LGBT community (as well as all other humans and in fact all sentient beings) deserve equal respect, acceptance and dignity. Also, Anna deserves to have her unique health care needs covered by the insurance policy at the workplace where she serves faithfully

Hopefully, your story will be instrumental in ending discrimination against transgender people. Know that some readers appreciate your courage and integrity.

Grace Terry,


Good choice for Warner Robins

The recent letters to the editor criticizing our mayor’s nomination of John Wagner as acting Warner Robins chief of police by Susan Ganus are not based on the facts/reality that required our Mayor Randy Toms and our council to appoint John Wagner as interim chief and seek the retirement of former Chief Brett Evans. It’s obvious now that Mr. Wagner has produced results that have led in a positive direction to a more effective police department, such as filling vacancies that are badly needed plus a more hands-on style of management that should improve the morale of the force. It all sounds like a win-win situation for our city and I applaud our mayor and City Council for their positive support for our interim chief. Bravo!

Frank W. Gadbois,

Warner Robins

Abortion is just about control

I know no one who thinks abortion is great. And I know that it is an issue about which people can have strong opinions. One such opinion was presented by Erick Erickson in his Sunday column. I would hold as flawed his equating arguments supporting slavery and abortion. But persuasion is a reasonable effort regarding one’s beliefs. Despite birth control’s imperfections, quality sex education reduces unwanted pregnancies.

Persuasion, however, is far from making private decisions illegal. Conservatives have long resisted government intrusion of our lives, a worthy and often useful position. My question for Mr. Erickson would be: “Where was your concern, even outrage, about this most invasive of governmental actions?” For government to control what occurs within a woman’s body is simply outrageous. If men gave birth, no self-respecting man would submit to such a law.

Teens only account for 17 percent of abortions. Restricting a woman’s freedom will not impact women of means; they will fly to Europe and pay for help there. Poorer women will seek services which in the past often maimed and killed such women. It is ironic that, as women are expressing their opinions more freely and being elected to office more than ever, there comes this push to control them once more.

Roby M. Kerr,