Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, March, 2019


Daylight Saving Time not just bad, it’s dangerous

This Sunday we rolled our clock ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time and I become a grouch. DST doesn’t change the amount of sunlight we receive each day. That is determined by the Earth’s tilt as we roll around the sun. Our streetlights burn the same amount of electricity whether we have DST or not. What little we save in the evening in homes, we use in the morning with the one hour shift into darkness.

I can appreciate recreational “summer time” hours, but extending DST to start in March and end in November is nothing short of nonsense and detrimental to our quality of life. Sunlight is a key regulator of our biological clock. DST places us out of sync with our circadian rhythm causing disturbances in sleep, metabolism, mood, bodily functions and productivity. The time change produces higher rates of automobile and workplace accidents. This self-imposed “jet lag” is particularly strong among people with young children at home. It is hard enough to get a 3-year-old to bed, without the later afternoon/evening sun telling the child not to go to sleep. We are all concerned with student performance, yet we handcuff them for weeks with the detrimental effects of changing time zones twice each school year. Finally, there is the issue of the safety of our children going to school in the dark next week, and again this fall. Is DST worth a child’s life? It is time we use common sense and eliminate DST altogether.

Philip Groce,


Call it what it is

I am a retired aerospace professional, a veteran, with a college degree. I am a father and a grandfather. If I make a reference to God’s word on homosexuality, somehow I am suddenly homophobic, despite having homosexual family and friends. If I comment on black-on-black crime in our community, I am suddenly racist. But a U.S. congresswoman who repeatedly makes anti-Jewish, anti-Israel statements is somehow just misunderstood, while she sits on the House Foreign Intelligence Committee. The House Democratic leadership not only refuses to censor her, but lets her retain her seat on that important committee. No one dares call her racist or bigoted. It’s time our congress and public call her racism for what it is — hateful bigotry.

David Middleton,


Media not playing fair

You liberals you don’t know what freedom of the press means. You slam President Trump for fighting back with the press. You were not here when President Truman was in power. He was not afraid to fight the press either. You call fake news the truth. Do you know what truth means? You put stories in the paper and on TV that are based on how you want to dishonor the president. Now your papers and TV are being sued for $250 million because they lied about a young boy. Yes, you do have freedom of the press, but you abuse that freedom to suit your own desires. The Socialist Manifesto says if you can’t beat someone fairly destroy him and his friends with any means possible. The ends justify the means.

Brian T. Reid Sr.,