Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, February 17, 2019


Voting problem isn’t the system

I don’t believe that we need new voting machines in our state. Our president, Donald Trump, appointed a new voter fraud machine commission months ago run by the secretary of state of Illinois who failed to find significant voter fraud in one million voters. So President Trump canceled the commission! Voter suppression by our former Secretary of State Brian Kemp caused Stacey Adams to lose the race for governor by a slim margin. Voter apathy and the failure to register to vote are the biggest reasons why candidates for public office often lose. Plus our electorate is too often ill-informed about the main issues in elections.

Frank W. Gadbois,

Warner Robins

Making mistakes and making a big mistake

The Associated Press has printed too many retractions to count the last few years. The New York Times apologizes for sloppy journalism on a regular basis while CNN gets their facts incorrect almost weekly. Gotta add Bloomberg’s and the Washington Post’s infamous sins of omission to the list also. The regularity of these retractions/apologies/omissions goes a long way to validate the claims of bias by so many people.

And yet, our regional paper prefers to print articles from these dishonest media firms over those much more thorough in their reporting.

Could this be the reason the Telegraph is floundering? Is printing incomplete and prejudiced articles day after day causing subscribers to flee? Could this dwindling subscription base be the reason The Telegraph hasn’t made a capital investment in years? Is this lazy journalism the reason The Telegraph hasn’t published an editorial since August 2018?

Their bias is killing them and they don’t seem very energized to change the poor way they conduct business.

Bob Norcott,


It would be terrible for all

Medicare-for-all is a pie-in-the-sky concept neo-socialists are trying to force through Congress. Medicare-for-all is a single-payer system. The government will pay for health care for taxpayers and non-taxpayers and legal and non-legal residents. It will end employer-provided health insurance. Medicare will be revised. Medicaid will end. Veterans’ care will be provided by Medicare-for-all.

Medicare-for-all will cost about $1.5 trillion a year. The costs and coverage for Medicare-for-all have to be determined. The government cannot regulate doctor fees. Many doctors do not care for patients covered by Medicare, because they are not fully compensated. It cannot regulate drug manufacturers’ profits. If access to doctors and medicine becomes limited, like in socialist systems, the wealthy will buy private insurance to cover their costs.

Jim Costello,


Act now to save babies

The Congress of the United States of America and the president must unite and end the murdering of tens of thousands of children yearly! The statistics surrounding black abortions and black murders concludes that had they been disproportionately high compared to other races.

Legislation from both parties is essential to save the unprotected future babies. There is absolutely no rationale to these murders or abortions. For the sake of humanity let us all stand up and vote out every woman or man that legislates to continue abortions.

Joe Hubbard,