Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, December 23, 2018


A beautiful gesture

In recognition of the good that is present in the world, we want to extend our deepest gratitude for an incredibly kind and generous gesture. A lady quietly stepped forward and paid our large grocery bill when we had a problem with our debit card.

We do not know her name, but God does. We only know that she is a retired kindergarten teacher. Her generosity will not be forgotten and she will be remembered in prayer every day.

Thank you will never be enough to express what this meant to us.

The Elderly Couple at Kroger on Russell Parkway

A Christmas prayer

Dear Lord I want to thank you, for what you’ve done for others and me

And for all our many blessings, in our Country where speech is free.

For, regardless wherever we may wander, we’ll always be in your sight;

So, my sincere thanks to you dear Lord, upon this Christmas night.

If all our prayers aren’t answered, then Lord I’ll understand;

There’s others more deserving, who need your helping hand.

So I pray you will keep all safe, and guide us toward your light;

And accept my thanks dear Lord, upon this Christmas night.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I pray for more unity throughout the New Year.

Faye W. Tanner,


The empty chair

Christmas is supposed to be a time of great joy and happiness. This year is different for many. You probably know some for whom it is different but do not realize it, or maybe it just slips past you in all the hustle and bustle of the year. It is quite possible that you are one of those for whom Christmas is different.

There is a special chair in someone’s home that is empty this year. It may be the straight back chair at the dinner table, the office chair at the desk in the study, the lazy boy in the den or some other special spot. It was a favorite for him or her.

You may have seen it on a daily basis. It may be in a place on the other side of the country. It may be a memory from years ago.

Last Christmas there was someone sitting in that special chair. This year it sits empty.

It is that empty chair that consumes your mind. Everyone else is buying presents and talking about celebrating the season with family and friends.

All of that joy and celebration only intensifies the absence of the one who should be in that empty chair. You may feel guilty and hypocritical because you do not feel very merry at all.

The Bible says that for everything there is a time; “a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;” (Ecclesiastes 3:4 ESV).

If you have an empty chair this Christmas, it is OK to take some time in the midst of the celebration to also weep and mourn. If you do not have an empty chair this Christmas, pause for a moment and think of someone who does. Your most meaningful gift this year could be to let someone know that you also notice the empty chair.

Donald E. Cole,


A false social gospel

The Boy Scouts of America has announced bankruptcy, only five years after the 2013 decision to allow gays in their membership. Conservatives are blaming gays for the demise of BSA. I disagree.

In 2012, a judge ordered the BSA to release a 20,000 page documentation of BSA sexual abuse between 1965-1985, years before gay admittance. The BSA, like the Catholic Church, became a pedophile magnet and leaders chose to cover it up.

The founder of BSA, Robert Baden-Powell, stated the BSA was not a Christian organization, but was based on Christian principles. For a hundred years the BSA fought in the courts to protect it’s identity as a private organization.The results were a firestorm of opposition by Hollywood, the news media, financial contributors, politicians and even churches.

In financial fear, the BSA caved, and chose to compromise with the world, openly choosing conformity and unity over conflict. They accepted gays, then girls, then atheists, and finally transgenders. Along the way, in their staggering stupor, they lost their most definitive attribute: honor. Of first importance, “On my honor” took a rear seat to political correctness.

Like modern churches, the BSA sought inclusiveness and the social gospel, regardless of consequence. Paul, in his letter to the Galatians, stated “ of first importance is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Beware churches! Stop preaching conformity and the social gospel, a false gospel, lest you fall into the same trap as the BSA and lose your true identity.

Willie Barber,


Is Trump too arrogant for presidency?

The article on The Telegraph’s front page Dec. 11 details more shake ups in President Donald Trump’s staff. A former White House official says Trump is unmanageable. It is obvious our president is very arrogant and stubborn on some critical issues. But it appears he governs in a way he believes is in the best interest of this country and its people, this includes taxes, trade, boarder security, immigration, voter fraud, North Korea and the Middle East.

The midterm elections indicated a large segment of the voters believe things could be done better. The major problem in Washington is the two political parties will not unite to solve our problems, they are too far apart on political issues. Democrats support expanding social programs/spending and open boarders; the Republicans are more supportive of industry and a competitive environment. Sadly, the Democrats will spend most of their time and energy to get Trump impeached and our Republican president is too arrogant to consider Democratic wishes.

Roger Rader,