Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018

A Fulton County election worker counts provisional ballots Nov. 7 in Atlanta.
A Fulton County election worker counts provisional ballots Nov. 7 in Atlanta. AP

Obeying the law? That’s terrible

I was intrigued by the AP article by Bill Barrow that called into question Brian Kemp’s ability to govern when (I’m sorry, if) confirmed. Bill mentioned that the contest was “bitter” and “race laden.” It, of course, was on the part of Stacy Abrams. The charges against Kemp in the article were shocking! Kemp is opposed to illegal voting and not only that he seems to be opposed to people entering our country and state illegally, again shocking!

Thank goodness we have people like Stacy Abrams who defend illegal votes and those who cross our boarders without a legal right to do so. If they begin to set in place their open boarder policy I’m sure that we will finally be free of horrible racists like Brian Kemp who just want to obey the law.

I dread that day, but I see it coming.

J.K. Barron,


Disservice to postal workers and veterans

While celebrating Veterans Day, I came upon a letter in the Nov. 11 paper attacking some of the postal service veterans. For the record, the USPS is the largest federal employer of veterans. The writer starts his monologue by referring to me and the local vice president, both veterans, as union bosses and leading a rally as a rent-a-mob protesting privatization of the U.S. Postal Service. Just to be sure that Joel Raley is corrected in his characterization of me and Mr. Banks, we are not union bosses. We are leaders of an organization that takes pride in assuring that our members have safe working conditions and that the negotiated agreement is upheld. If you really want to call us anything, it should be servant, because we serve at the pleasure of the members. It is very obvious to me that you are either anti-union or have no knowledge of them.

Remember, the rally that we held is one of those protective rights, that we served this nation for. Now as regarding our being against privatization, as I stated during the interview, it would drastically affect the rural areas in that the service would be cut or discontinued. As a private enterprise the No. 1 goal would be profit over service and you can rest assured the rates would skyrocket. I am glad that you recognize that the Constitution does mandate universal service. Finally, you stated you didn’t want to cast aspersions on letter carriers, but you certainly started out on the wrong foot.

Don T. Griggs, president, Georgia State Association of Letter Carriers,


Article was taking sides

I was appalled when I read the front page story on Nov. 12. The paper is fanning the flames of racial discrimination. You are once again playing the “black” card. How can you say the people in Atlanta couldn’t vote, or had to wait in horrible lines, like that wasn’t happening elsewhere? Why would you say there was discrimination when Stacy Abrams won all the counties that make up Atlanta? There is no reason people couldn’t vote. There were two weeks of early voting, besides Election Day. The media shouldn’t try to fan flames or take sides and push for one candidate or the other. You have the right to pick a candidate and say so in the editorials, but to put such a hate-causing article, is just not right. If Stacy Abrams were white, would you have printed this? Shame on you.

Barbara Mabee,

Warner Robins

Get some deals done

Congress should pass a spending bill during this lame-duck session and not shut down the government.

President Trump should wait until January and make deals with the Democrats. He wants a border wall. They want funding for infrastructure. He wants to end to chain and diversity immigration. They want protection for children who were brought here illegally by their parents. He wants a tax cut. They want health care reform. He wants legislation to limit benefits for children who are born here whose parents are illegal. They want welfare and criminal justice reform.

If the president gets some of what he wants and Democrats get some of what they want, it will be beneficial. They can accomplish much. Gridlock must end.

Jim Costello,