Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, September 30, 2018

A pedestrian fatality that happened January on Interstate 75 North just past exit 49 brought traffic to a standstill in the northbound lane.
A pedestrian fatality that happened January on Interstate 75 North just past exit 49 brought traffic to a standstill in the northbound lane. Telegraph file photo

Pedestrian victims aren’t to blame

The Macon-Bibb Pedestrian Safety Review Board held its final of six “education” presentations recently at the Douglass Theatre. The PSRB efforts to improve pedestrian safety with a $20,785 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety seems to have come to its conclusion with a fashion show of bright clothing, “Dress To Be Seen!”

Seriously?! Once again, the PSRB is “criminalizing” the person walking by placing the blame and burden not where it belongs on our dangerous roads, but on the victims themselves, and that’s just plain wrong. Every professional urban planning and pedestrian/bicycle safety study that I have read prioritizes infrastructure improvements, not educating the pedestrian.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety says this: “Education programs generally have not been effective in reducing pedestrian crashes. Based on systematic reviews of evaluations of programs aimed at educating children about pedestrian safety, education alone has had mixed success in improving children’s knowledge or road-crossing behavior. There is evidence that education programs for children can be effective when combined with traffic engineering improvements or other types of interventions.”

That grant of $20,785 taxpayer dollars could have been more wisely spent by buying a little paint and concrete to retrofit our high speed roads into safe “Complete Streets” designs instead of, well, instead of a fashion show. Please, do quality research and stop blaming the victim/pedestrian.

Lee Martin,


Saying thanks to people of Macon

We faced a mandatory evacuation in Southport, N.C., because of the hurricane. My family and I ended up in the city of Macon. We stayed for eight days. During that time we went to the art and science museum, various parks and restaurants. We all were stressed out but every person we dealt with in your city couldn’t have been nicer or more understanding with our situation. So I want to give a shout out to Macon and say thank you for making us feel welcomed. Also, all the drivers who didn’t honk their horns at this N.C. driver — tour patience was appreciated. Coming from a coastal area it was wonderful to see your rolling countryside.

We hope to one day come back and enjoy more of your city under less stressful times. Thank you again, people of Macon.

Sherry Jargo and family,

Southport, N.C.

The snake returns

That liberal snake in the Garden of Eden has raised his ugly head again to liberal leaning Eve. He has said, “Eat my fruit of socialism. Then you can declare that Adam forced his sex onto you. You shall be able to rule the road to the Gates of Heaven.” Those who believe in a just America will fall by the side of the road.

Brian T. Reid Sr.,


Too heavy a cost

Due to our continuing the our war in Afghanistan, our men and women will soon be in harm’s way! These are for the most part unseasoned troops. Even under the best conditions many face the horrors of death and critical injuries. Just like Vietnam, there is no winning or purpose of going another day. Somewhere, there are congressmen and women and generals playing a game with our neighbors lives. All of those going have families and love ones who may never see them again. Virtually all segments of our governments are bankrupt and yet we seemingly have a death wish for absolutely no reason at all. What price do you put on a life? Ten million is about right, but to a child that loses a parent it is a billion!

Joe Hubbard,


Why don’t they work, it’s apparently there is work

I see where Arby’s was robbed and four masked gunmen robbed Family Dollar. I assume these citizens rob due to not working for a living. Yet we have 42,000 Guatemalan family members illegally crossing our Southern border in the last 11 months, in addition to 20,000 being underage minors, seeking asylum due to the fact their country cannot feed them. Not to mention thousands of illegals of other nationalities. With our locals not working, I assume due to lack of jobs, plus millions of Americans on welfare, yet we have illegals coming daily by the thousands. Are we to assume that only Americans commit crimes by robbing instead working and/or due to lack of jobs?

Faye W. Tanner,


The tricky business of tariffs

There are no winners in a trade war. Tariffs do not always harm the country being taxed. Tariffs are a tax on imports. Manufacturers and retailer will pass this cost to consumers. There will be significant price increases at retail outlets.

President Trump claims tariffs are needed to protect farmers, ranchers and manufacturers. He acknowledged the tariffs have caused price hikes. He maintains they are almost unnoticeable. Money is flowing into the treasury. He admits that that some industries have benefited from the tariffs, such as steel. He contends tariffs have put us in a very strong negotiating position. But the trade agreement with Mexico is not finalized. The trade agreements with Canada, Japan and the EU have to be negotiated. China is ready to impose retaliatory tariffs. China can restrict access to American companies. China can form multinational trade agreements. We are seeking China’s support in our negotiations with North Korea. Therefore, I do not think China will not back down. There has to be equity between job creation and consumer costs.

There has to be balance between protecting one industry and hurting others. Farmers and ranchers have to sell their commodities. Manufactures have to buy parts to build their products. I hope President Trump is right. I hope he can keep the economy growing.

Jim Costello,


Opposing Scott

Rep. Austin Scott, R-Ga., is a Libertarian whose record in Congress is mediocre and ultra-conservative and who does not merit re-election. He is rarely seen at our state’s largest business, Robins Air Force Base. He wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, yet 13 percent of our citizens are uninsured. He does not believe in universal health care or government-run health care.He wants to privatize Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Rep. Scott does not believe in the federal school lunch program. Or free phones for our poorest citizens. Now he is actively campaigning to slash federal funding for food stamps. Yet he wants higher federal farm subsidies for our richest farmers. He refuses to have town hall meetings in his district. Rep. Austin Scott has no opponent in his re-election bid as too many of his constituents vote for anyone with an “R” after their names without knowing their congressional records! It cost then-Rep. Jim Marshall,D-aA., who was a fiscal conservative who served us well and who was often seen at RAFB. Wake up Middle Georgia!

Frank W. Gadbois,

Warner Robins