Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, September 16, 2018

Bibb County sheriff vehicles are parked out front of the Medical Center, Navicent Health, emergency room in this file photo.
Bibb County sheriff vehicles are parked out front of the Medical Center, Navicent Health, emergency room in this file photo. jvorhees@macon.com

Terrible, dangerous experience

One night, our son Clay became extremely sick. He was throwing up and suffering excruciating stomach and head pain. My wife thought he could be dying! We rushed him to the Medical Center in Macon. I never drove so fast or prayed so hard.

For three hours we pleaded for help. The staff told us the new management didn’t allow critically ill patients to get help ahead of the dozen or so people in the waiting room. They were watching television, reading, sleeping or talking. Not one of them showed any sign of pain.

Someone told us a man died after begging for help with chest pains for over four hours. A lady told us she had been there for 10 hours before she saw a doctor.

They told us if the governor’s son had arrived with gunshot wounds, he would still have to wait! This Navicent “No Health” team profited $800 million last year, but the emergency room is so understaffed that they let people die, begging for help.

Am I wrong, but isn’t this a public hospital, paid for with our tax dollars, and supposed to be nonprofit! Who are the cowards who turned our Medical Center over to these heartless con men who let people die while making millions? The blood of these victims is on all our hands, if we let this nightmare continue! The next victim could be you!

I would appreciate comments from the public!

Gary C. Brown,

Fort Valley

Makes you think

I wonder if Tesla CEO`s recent smoking dope during a live interview had any thing to do with the recent big drop in value of the company stock. I would not buy one of the cars now even if I wanted one. Just saying.

Darlis Whitworth,


Let your voice be heard

At the appreciated encouragement of many friends, I have decided to rescind my swan song letter to The Telegraph editor about my sending letters to the editor. This decision was validated by two proposals before P&Z at the Sept. 11 meeting that I attended, which included the continued potential assault upon established residential neighborhoods.

First, there was the package store business relocation across Zebulon Road to a new building to be constructed adjacent to long term existing Wildwood residences with no buffer, an apparent “insult to injury” in-your-face disregard of existing residential property that is already under assault by MBC increased taxation.

Second was the possible precedent setting (inappropriate, in my opinion) “shoe horn” proposal for a “Garden School” in the streetscape of the established Springdale Woods subdivision. Thankfully, P&Z Commissioners deferred both proposals until the next P&Z meeting where the deficiencies of each request can validate disapproval of each on its lack of merit.

I sincerely encourage those individuals who have not written to The Telegraph editor previously and who have concerns or suggestions for improvement of our community to write the editor, thereby allowing the editor to possess a large file of pertinent letters so that selected letters could be published on the Telegraph Opinion page six out of seven days each week.

Community participation in this way could be instrumental in “turning around” the potential death spiral of Macon-Bibb County finances that we have endured recently. Thank you for “being there.”

Arthur D. Brook,


Wasting a big opportunity

Everywhere I look the left is in retreat. Yes, they’re louder and more deranged than ever, but that’s to camouflage their fear. Ignore the volume and theatrics and notice how few football players are kneeling, how their attacks against Trump turn limp, how their histrionics at the Kavanaugh hearings go down in flames.

The media try to help but their lies and fake news aren’t working. Bob Woodward inventing nonsense, social media shutting down conservative voices while senators manipulate videos looks a lot like desperation.

Celebrities apologizing for ugly partisanship. This is what losing looks like.The left is producing a bigger choke job than the Falcons in the 2017 Super Bowl.

And guess what the Dumbos on the other side are doing to capitalize? Nothing. Austin Scott, Johnny Isakson and David Perdue hide behind websites. This is a pitiful GOP brain trust. Where’s their support of conservatism? The party? The president? The push back? The GOP has an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often and they’re failing to profit from it. Someone wake up Dumbo and tell him he’s winning.

Bob Norcott,


Wrong about Senate rules change

A reader wrote in criticism of Erwin Chemerinsky’s column about U.S. Senate rules changes in the last few years. The reader thought he had found a mistake in the law professor’s information, but such is not the case — and the Telegraph editor really should have corrected him. Senate rules of confirmation did change under Harry Reid in 2013, but not rules regarding the approval of Supreme Court judges. Those rules only changed last year (referred to as “the nuclear option”) under leadership of Mitch McConnell.

Carolyn Bonner,

Warner Robins

They don’t need our money

I agree with Commissioner Joe Allen that government can no longer afford to pay money to certain agencies when the county will have to find $8 million. Local taxpayers have been hit hard for the last two years, and despite money they have paid for yard trash pick-up, they are not receiving the services on a timely basis, much less weekly. President Trump’s federal tax break isn’t even enough to make up increases in local taxes. It is time for all government agencies of all locals to budget within middle class Americans’ incomes.

It used to be nonprofits were financed by charities who collected money from people willing to pay and it is time governments allow citizens to choose who they want to donate money to and how much, not force them to pay choices of governments. I noticed one nonprofit was Middle Georgia Community Food Bank. In my opinion there are plenty of food programs already in force to suffice our communities without double and or triple taxation for same.

Faye W. Tanner,


Huge financial woes

I often wonder just how long America can sustain our national debt. We are rapidly approaching $22 trillion. As all of you are watching the Federal Reserve raise rates, soon another quarter of one percent will be added. The cost of the interest alone has brought conversations of higher taxes and reduced services.

The president toyed with cutting verifications of travelers in small airports. All of this time the Social Security system and Medicare were being drained. The number of younger and younger recipients was creating questions as to the solvency of the entire system. During this time hundreds of billions is bring spent in Afghanistan, where wars have raged for over a thousand years. Russia was thrown out by Afghan troops, yet we linger with zero hope of a victory.

Meanwhile, the private sector debt has reached unprecedented heights in a booming economy. Interest rates are starting a chain reaction in homes sales and foreclosures. Adjustable rates are rising. Labor rates are stagnant. Talk of taking individual funds in banks and other institutions is heard in Washington. Like in Bibb County, which is also broke, rather than stop paying millions in retirement accounts and insurance or closing wasteful divisions, they are talking cutting other funding! The taxpayers are treated like their bank. They are spending millions on recreational facilities that they do not have. The next mayor, none of the commissioners, must cut $40 million and terminate hundreds. We must have an outsider that is not corrupted.

Joe Hubbard,