Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, August 26, 2018

Police stand guard after the confederate statue known as Silent Sam was toppled Monday by protesters on campus at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, N.C.
Police stand guard after the confederate statue known as Silent Sam was toppled Monday by protesters on campus at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, N.C. AP

What will they come for next?

Questions come to mind regarding the statue destruction at University of North Carolina. Is America still a country where all rights are not respected? One protester spewed, “It’s time to build monuments to honor those who have been murdered by white supremacy.” Does he not advocate his own supremacy because he values his rights and no other. He certainly does not respect mine as a proud descendant of Confederate soldiers.

Have my rights have been erased by mob rule? The UNC vandals are merely vile thugs, not patriots, who do not live up to the equality, civil rights and tolerance they constantly demand. They are more visible than those who subvert our rights from political office, but there is really no difference. Is anarchy now sanctioned by political correctness? If so, then law enforcement can do little else except show up and write a report. UNC will likely levy no punitive action. These attacks are circumspectly veiled as no more than the removal of every vestige of the Confederacy from the face of the Earth. If you consider that justified or even amusing, then consider that they are also coming after Old Glory, the national anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, George Washington, the Holy Bible, your Church and every institution we have long regarded as preciously “American.” It reads like a page out of a Communist play book. America, invincible against attacks from without, is more than ever forlornly vulnerable to those within. I have questions, but I will bet I get few answers.

John Wayne Dobson,


Get real with spending and charging

For the life of me, I cannot understand why Bibb County taxpayers have not sought to remove the mayor and commissioners for breach of fiduciary responsibilities! Just because Bibb County has one of the worst academic records in Georgia, there is absolutely zero rational in closing libraries rather than closing the golf course and recreation facilities that are grossly under-utilized. Hundreds of jobs should be eliminated. The garbage system must be totally privatized The transit system should be either sold or cut by eliminating costly money-losing services. The reality is taxpayers are paying for non-taxpayers rides. The fares must go up 100 percent or get private vendors to carry individuals by subsidizing their efforts by $2 a trip. A metering system would verify the trips. That bus system is a financial disaster run by grossly incompetent management!

Even subsidizing of private companies would save a fortune. Do the math. This county is starving for strong unbridled leadership without all of the baggage of the current group.

Joe Hubbard,


Respect the office

There have been 13 U.S. presidents during my lifetime. They have all had their faults. If I were to rank them as to my preference it would only serve to cloud my point.

I will focus on the two most recent. First, President Obama. I didn’t vote for him either time he ran. I only defended him when I thought he was wrongly accused. As with any political figure he was a target of numerous unfair attacks. However, I was on the other side of most of his policies. To be clear, President Obama and I agreed on almost nothing (please don’t tell him I’m sure he would be upset). Having said that, after his inauguration he was my president. I often stated publicly that given the opportunity I would place myself between him and anyone trying to do him harm. Again, he and I rarely agreed but he was my president!

I would invite my fellow citizens to take the same stance regarding President Trump. Does he have faults? Absolutely! I also understand that many have honest differences with him, I do as well. However, the unfair attacks on him are many. It doesn’t take a smart or wise person to take cheap shots at a public person. It was done to President Obama, and when it happened I called it wrong. Again I invite those of you who disagree with President Trump to embrace him as your president. Please continue to voice your differences state your case you can do that and still maintain your honor.

J.K. Barron,


Bad for vets

William Dooley’s letter on Aug. 19 illustrates a tactic being used to balance their tax plan’s budget. Everyone, especially the GOP, knew that our economy couldn’t bear the weight of the one-and-a-half-TRILLION dollar giveaway to their benefactors. So, to fill gaps and fulfill promises to people they have started their version of Robin Hood. For example: Navy personnel in the brown-water navy exposed to Agent Orange, are finally getting some funding. Guess where it is coming from. Other vets. But not in the form of donations. No, the GOP has passed and is passing bills to raise health care, dental care and mortgage expenses on the backs of vets to fund this. I don’t know what the GOP is funding with the Postal workers concerns. But I bet all of these concerns cost a hella lot less than that ONE-AND-A-HALF-TRILLION-DOLLAR-GIVEAWAY! Way to support VETS 45!!

Mike Rumage,


Dangers of THC

Jim Costello’s Aug. 19 letter supporting the legalization of medical marijuana isn’t reality. (Georgia has bad marijuana law). Marijuana cures nothing. The smorgasbord of illnesses it supposedly cures has no medical science substantiating the claims. Like any narcotic, marijuana can make most any medical discomfort tolerable.

Delta-9-telrahyrococannabinal (THC) is the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that creates the high the user seeks. Euphoria, calmness, anxiety, paranoia, depression, increased appetite, time distortion, schizophrenia, short-term memory loss, mystic thinking, increased heart rate and blood pressure are some of its effects. These effects can linger for weeks after the high wears off. THC is fat-soluble and stays in the body fatty tissue and can be found in the urine, blood, hair, saliva, brain cells, sperm and female eggs up to 30 days after use.

THC is physiological and physically addictive; furthermore, children produced by users can develop compulsive behavior disorders.

The strength of THC varies greatly and once extracted can be inserted into any consumable product. The legalization of marijuana for any reason is opening Pandora’s Box. In the box: THC.

Travis L. Middleton,

Peach County

Wrong message for kids

A recent Telegraph page 2 opens with a prayer that we would be innocent like children. Immediately following is a drag queen article, from Columbus, seeking to offer drag queen and LGBT fantasies to our children at a public library. To the people who bought the line that the LGBT community only wanted equal rights in marriage and hospital visitations, hopefully you can now see the true agenda. In the LGBT fantasy world, gone are cowboys and Indians, pirates, firefighters and policeman, to be replaced by deviant fantasies. That the library management, and even school board members, see nothing wrong is truly sad .

David Middleton,