Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, August 12, 2018

Mayor Robert Reichert, right, talks with Commissioner Mallory Jones after a committee meeting to discuss a property tax increase Aug. 9 at the Macon-Bibb County Government Center.
Mayor Robert Reichert, right, talks with Commissioner Mallory Jones after a committee meeting to discuss a property tax increase Aug. 9 at the Macon-Bibb County Government Center. jvorhees@macon.com

Taxes for basically nothing

I moved to Macon over 30 years ago and built a house in north Macon near the Monroe County line. During this time, I have paid an enormous amount of taxes, both property and school taxes. With the impending property tax increase, I was trying to decide how I personally benefited from all these taxes. I won’t address school taxes since I sent my kids to private schools and obviously have no personal benefit.

Street lights: none

Sidewalks: none

Curbs and storm drains: none

Sewer system: none

Fire protection: marginal, three houses caught fire in our neighborhood in the past couple of years, one suffered significant damage and the others burned to the ground. There was a fire station adjacent to our neighborhood but it was torn down several years ago.

Police protection: I rarely see a patrol car in the neighborhood. I did complain about the speeding but was told that speed detection devices were not allowed on my street.

Parks: The Amerson River Park is about 12 miles away. I don’t think there is anything else. My street was resurfaced after about 30 years, I do recognize this benefit. We pay the same millage rate as others who have these amenities. If Monroe County wins the border dispute, there is a chance my property could be in Monroe County. I can only hope.

Darrell Lumpkin,


What now, brother?

Just read an article informing me of another thing women find disagreeable about men — mansplaining. This follows whistling at a pretty woman, manspreading, calling her “honey,” opening the car door, looking at her exposed chest, leaving the commode seat up, spending too much time with her, not spending enough time with her, refusing to ask for directions, shaving designs into your hair and public scratching.

I could go on, but why bother?

In today’s world, men are expected to forget God made women so distractingly attractive and treat them as if they’re just another male friend. As I was gravitating toward silicon wives as a remedy, my lovely wife looked in on me and read this. She wishes to add more items to the list.

Sorry, honey, I’ve reached my word limit.

Bob Norcott,


An easy solution

I would like to add my take on how to avoid a speeding ticket (and save your life at the same time)..... Slow down! And I didn’t even learn that at Harvard!

Daniel W. Gatlyn,


Protection shouldn’t take so long

It took Bibb County deputies over an hour to answer the a call of an active shooter in my neighborhood in Lizella recently. This is unacceptable by any standard! The sheriff, David Davis, always asks for citizen involvement in policing our neighborhoods. When are we, as citizens going to get the support we deserve from the sheriff and his deputies? Over 12 calls were made by neighbors whom all gave the same address of the altercation. I cannot believe that at 8 p.m. on a Sunday night it would take over an hour to get first responders to a site of an active shooter. This level of incompetence by our paid law enforcement has to change — we as citizens of Bibb county deserve better. Even after the deputies arrived, no one was arrested (to our knowledge) and only a citation for disturbing the peace. Can you believe this? And we wonder why we have crime is so rampant in this county. Active shooter ... one hour response. When can I sell my home and get our to here?

W.E. Williams,


Not the governor we need

The ACLU and the NAACP are proclaiming that their candidate is far more worthy than Brian Kemp to be the next governor of Georgia. Hillary Clinton. the wife of Bill Clinton (our former, impeached president) is behind all of the Democrats throughout America to elect the Democratic candidate! Millions of dollars are pouring into Georgia from Americans to support Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams.

What we are being told by Abrams is that we need an enormous spending package. More taxation. What we need is less government and far less spending. The lady says she has $200,000 in debt and is past due on her student loans. Rarely is it ever appropriate to discuss physiology in everyday life, but being we are discussing the governorship, it is tolerable. Abrams is grossly over weight. A heart attack candidate. Kemp is far from perfect, but his experience is far greater than hers. He has political baggage, but his platform is leadership for all. Not divisive like hers.

The sickest fact is that roughly 17 percent voted in the run-off. Apathy is white folks biggest fear. It is well publicized that the black vote will be at historic levels. So she wins.

Joe Hubbard,


Hillary Clinton set the low standard

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said on CBS “Face the Nation,” “I think there’s plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight.” It is so sickening to hear Democrats’ continuous claims of Donald Trump’s immoral behavior before he was elected as president being used as calls for impeachment. How nauseating for the Democrats did not kick out President Bill Clinton when impeached for lying about his immoral acts in the White House. Now they politic on impeaching our president and/or charging him with collusion and/or treason.

Listen, Russia’s Valdimir Putin is the leader of another country, while Hillary Clinton was a leader in our country. In my opinion every country expects Putin to intervene in the political electoral process of every country. However, citizens of the U.S. expected our secretary of state not to intervene in the U.S. electoral process. Therefore, since our courts, judges, attorneys, etc. argue precedents set in old cases as means to achieve a principle of rule in current cases, no one in the U.S. should ever be charged with collusion, conspiracy, impeachment, intervention in US politics, etc. due to the fact that despite Hillary Clinton’s mishandling our nation’s top-secrets and committing all of the above, she was exonerated — paving the way to exonerate any and all future offenders of such acts.

Faye W. Tanner,


Even more taxing

The Treasury Department inaccurately developed the 2018 income tax withholding tables. The tables are used by employers to determine how much income tax they must withhold from employees each payday. Employees thought they were getting more money each payday as a result of the 2017 tax cut. Taxpayers received poor advice on how much money they should have withheld from their pay.

About 30 million taxpayers who thought they were going to get a tax refund will now owe taxes in 2019. I hope the tax withholding tables are corrected soon. If they are not, taxpayers will not have the same problem in 2019. I hope the IRS grants taxpayers a grace period to pay any owed taxes. Taxpayers should not be charged a penalty for owed taxes.

I wonder if anyone in Treasury Department will be held responsible for this mistake?

Jim Costello,