Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, July 29, 2018

Warner Robins is the trashy city in Georgia

Warner Robins is the trashy city I have ever lived in my life. Why take the time to clean up your branches from your yard, rake your leaves and trim in your bushes, if the crap is going to sit in your yard for two months? It had been there so long, the grass I have been trying to grow is dying or has die.

This is very unacceptable in my eyes. Also most of the yards in my neighborhood have the same thing happening. The mayor and City Council do not know how to run a government, they are being controlled my a garbage contractor. My friend came down this past weekend to look Warner Robins over for some place to live and he told me he would never live in a trashy town such as Warner Robins.

And also, what’s the deal with having no recyclable pickup for a town this size? Perry, Macon and Houston County, as far as I know, have this type of pickup. What is going on in Warner Robins? For the past 15 years, I have been going out of way to take my recyclable to Happy Hour. I thought by now something would be done. Nothing get done in Warner Robins with this worthless city government. I’m tired of taking my recyclables to Happy Hour, so now the items are going straight in the trash. Warner Robins is a zero on service.

David Ellison,

Warner Robins

Bad water

I am writing to inform this community of the quality of the water delivered by Macon Water Authority. I actually worked at MWA years ago, and after I resigned the water was judged to be the best tasting water in the country. Hurray. However, I want to address the community of the not-so-goodness of the water in Macon.

Have any of you observed a black crud form on your shower head after showering for a while? Have any of you noticed a black crud collect in your toilets where the water runs into the toilet after flushing? These are just two of the indications of the bad water we are being delivered.

I had plumbers to my house recently and had them look at a water jet in my master shower. When the jet was removed, which had not worked for almost 11 years, right after it was installed, it was clogged with mud, dirt and crud which was due to the water that left all the crud.

I will buy bottled water from now on. I will put bottled water in my coffee maker, which gets clogged frequently with Macon water. I do not have children at home, but I strongly suggest those of you with infants and children to use bottled water until MWA improves the quality of the water, not just the taste.

Patricia A. Holoyda,


Death spiral

Saw a dog with a large stick in it’s mouth trying to get through a gate today. The stick was too long and the poor dog couldn’t find a way to get his prize where he wanted it to be.

It reminded me of the leftists trying to get rid of the President. They repeat the same tired acts over and over and never get where they want to be. After each failure they dish out more of their past mistakes hoping, this time, for different results. Pity them, as they always end up bruised and bleeding on the rock of Trump. Leftist publications and media are locked in a death spiral against a smarter and quicker opponent. President Trump leaves them dazed, confused and too frustrated to understand they will never realize their prize.

Bob Norcott,


Very disturbing, and at the wrong time

My rights are being violated daily! Supposedly I have the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Every day I watch the noon news and then take a nap. Invariably the phone will ring with a robo call and wake me up.

Naps are very important to me. As an old man (now a senior citizen but my Social Security check did not go up.) naps are a major part of my pursuit of happiness. I would like to sue someone because of these nap interruptions but since my property taxes keep going up, I have no money to hire a lawyer. My plea is for attorney to take my case pro bono. Since the mayor is part of the cause of my increased taxes and he is an attorney who will be out of a job soon, I wonder if he would be interested.

Also, any of the other politicians who are lawyers and are not likely to be re-elected if they are responsible for some of those robo calls: Perhaps one of them would take my case. (Whoops, there goes the phone. Never mind, it was Casey Cagle.)

Rick Kearbey,


Something that will pay off

Casinos will be a win-win for Georgia taxpayers. The construction of casinos will create hundreds of jobs. Casinos will employee thousands of workers. Casinos will generate millions in tax revenues. The new tax revenue will be used for education, public safety and infrastructure improvements. Employees will pay income taxes. Casinos will generate millions in property taxes. Infrastructure improvements will create hundreds of jobs. Sales tax revenues will increase as a result of increased tourism.

The new streams of revenues will enable the state legislature to lower income tax rates. The new streams of revenues will enable counties to lower property taxes rates. The new streams of revenues will do way with the need to enact special purpose taxes

Jim Costello,


Interesting numbers

Did you know?

That 2,700,000 kids have a parent in prison?

On any given day there are over 400,000 kids in foster care?

And that 765,000 kids are separated from their military parent not knowing if they’ll see them again?

But the media focuses on 2,000 kids who are temporarily separated from illegal immigrants.

Bubba Ragan,


Shut the revolving door

There is a revolving door between the Trump administration and Wall Street banks, pharmaceutical companies, automobile manufacturers and other giant corporations.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin has introduced a bill called the Financial Services Conflict of Interest Act, which prohibits Wall Street types from coming into government and overseeing their old employers and prevents financial regulators from cashing in on their government jobs and taking jobs as lobbyists or representatives of Big Banks.

I urge you to call or write Sens. Isakson and Perdue and ask them to vote for this bill.

John Ricks,


How long will Macon-Bibb have to wait?

I would like to thank Macon-Bibb County Commissioner Mallory C. Jones for his attempts to identify more accurate “budget making” before being pushed out of his position as vice chairman of Operations and Finance by Mayor Robert Reichert and Al Tillman, due to exposing over budgeting and recommending solutions for more accurate budgets.

As to Macon-Bibb Mayor Robert Reichert’s drawing a beautiful picture on the same page of Jones’s column explaining just what raising taxes every year will produce, property owners are being abused heavily for such foreseen beauty. Prior to July 4 week, Macon-Bibb’s performance has not picked up my yard trash for over a month and a half — with three calls to their office and Advance Disposal resulting in each blaming the other. My increasing taxes paying for foreseen beauty does not consist of ignoring a community’s yard trash for weeks at a time.

Faye W. Tanner,