Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, July 22, 2018

Macon, Ga., 07/05/2018:   Passersby the Macon Transit Authority bus stop in front of the Medical Centerl don’t bother a suitcase left there Thursday.  The scene may change soon since Macon-Bibb County commissioners have cut funds for Indigent care to the hospital.
BEAU CABELL/THE TELEGRAPH Macon, Ga., 07/05/2018: Passersby the Macon Transit Authority bus stop in front of the Medical Centerl don’t bother a suitcase left there Thursday. The scene may change soon since Macon-Bibb County commissioners have cut funds for Indigent care to the hospital. bcabell@macon.com

Navicent care is vital

I want to thank Samantha Max for her efforts and investigative journalism since joining the Telegraph's staff in June as part of the Report for America program. Her recent coverage of Coliseum and Navicent (print edition on July 16) was a thorough examination of the two organizations and their impact on Macon, specifically indigent care. Anyone who knows the demographics of the region with respect to poverty knows that indigent care — care provided to those who are uninsured and not covered by Medicaid — is a huge expense.

Some recent media coverage highlighted some points of view on the Macon-Bibb County Commission implying that Navicent should not receive funds for indigent care due to its $800 million profit in 2016. This figure is incorrect and refers instead to operating revenue. Not until you subtract operating expenses do you arrive at profit. Regardless of the figure, Navicent is one of the primary providers of indigent care to the community, and with the help of other nonprofit organizations such as the Macon Volunteer Clinic, serves a vital role in making sure this important segment of the population receives care.

Andy Jones,


You think you’re hot ...

If hell had a kitchen I believe it would be located right here in this city! Today I cried (or maybe it was sweat) as my heart mourned a life without air conditioning. The heat here is unparalleled to any heat i have ever experienced in my life! It literally pulsates the core of every inch of your body. I sweat so much if i was to step in a church one would think me a whore but then they would see the dust as i pass and stand corrected!

About a month ago I moved from Atlanta to the great city of Macon because I achieved one of the American dreams...I bought a house! Built in 1900, this house has some history and no central air (Lord help a sister out). However in the 100-plus years that this house existed, I don’t understand how none of the previous owners believed this house did not have need of central air. Until I can get that rectified I will continue to spend my days thinking of fall days and winter nights.

If only I could open more than three windows then maybe the heat would not be so terribly overbearing! But don’t fret, there is a silver lining to this torrid tale. Thanks to this heat I have dropped a couple of inches and several pounds. So if anybody want or need to lose weight come visit your girl for a week … LOL!!!

Ahlumba Harris,


Liberal bias invades Telegraph

For years, I’ve been puzzled by the widespread perception that The Telegraph displayed liberal bias. I thought that, if anything, it leaned conservative. While the news coverage was politically neutral, the opinion columns were overwhelmingly conservative.

In recent months, however, The Telegraph has indeed developed a liberal slant. The evidence:

1. The conservative opinion columns have mostly disappeared.

2. The editorial cartoon is, virtually every day, a bitter attack on President Trump. While he often certainly does open himself up to criticism, he isn’t the only one who deserves lampooning or lambasting, and the monotonous drumbeat of daily attacks is highly partisan and biased.

3. Eastern Seaboard newspapers The New York Times and The Washington Post have largely replaced the more Middle American Associated Press as news sources. While I believe those are excellent newspapers, they are widely abhorred among conservatives, so their embrace by The Telegraph amounts to a slap in the face to conservative readers and almost seems calculated to drive them away.

4. The coverage of the governor’s race has been markedly slanted toward the Democrats. The story reporting the May 22 primaries began with the Democratic primary and didn’t even mention the Republican contest until deep into the story (this despite the fact that the Democratic primary is largely meaningless in deeply red Georgia). This was followed the next day by a long, glowing article about Democrat Stacey Abrams; I’ve seen nothing similar about any of the Republican candidates.

David Mann,


Balanced budget amendment isn’t the answer

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office just released a new analysis that says the tax law will add $1.8 trillion to the nation's deficit over 10 years — and spike the nation's $21 trillion debt to a staggering $33 trillion in the next decade. This massive tax giveaway to wealthy Americans has piled onto our nation's budget deficits and has been used as an excuse to try and pass a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We should all oppose this amendment because it would harm the economy, result in a government default and force severe cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other vital federal programs.

John Ricks,


Support for women’s clinic

I am a University of Georgia social work graduate student. I am writing to voice my opinion regarding the opening of the Summit Medical Center’s low-cost women’s health center. I am in favor of this agency opening within the community of Macon to address the large numbers of individuals in need of abortion services and gynecological health care.

While I am unsure of my belief of abortions being morally right or wrong, I do know that I am in favor of access to abortions. All individuals should have the ability to exercise the right to their body, parent the way in which they feel is best for their family and have all options to have or terminate a pregnancy.

Large numbers of women living in the central Georgia community have limited access to healthy, legal abortions. Many of our community members, along with others living in rural parts of Georgia, must drive over hundreds of miles to access a clinic offering abortion services. The issue of our day is not whether it is legal to have an abortion, the issue is lack of access and how it affects those who are less fortunate. With the lack of abortion clinics within the state of Georgia and the limited access sites in rural parts of the state, I and many others will gladly welcome a low-cost women’s clinic specializing in abortion services to Macon Georgia.

Dania Ebanks,


Let’s signal, people

I am a little disappointed in the lack of enforcement there is for some illegal driving practices that are commonly seen on our roads. I could name severa,l but will only mention my biggest stressor is the amount of people who never use blinkers. I know at times it's not a big deal, but many times it creates many safety issues and some road frustrations. At times it is law enforcement and other civil employees that don't use them as well. I support the cellphone law and other ideas that are being discussed and passed, even the multicounty speeding blitz that will happen is a great idea. I sure wish that turn signals would be a priority as well.

Brian Pence,


Keep it clean

Homeowners and/or renters should always take pride in their yard and living spaces. It has taken me a long time to acquire my own home. Needless to say, I also work full time. Look around at your surroundings and you see why people are depressed. Sick as they may be, they don't understand the more you do the better you feel. The shooting would stop if people get busy and work for what they have instead want to sit back and draw a check. It is sickening to come home and a neighbor whom I have bent over backwards to get along with keeps putting grass all over my driveway because she is too lazy to sweep it off or have landscaper turn lawnmower around in opposite direction. How sad that this town I love has gone to trash. Keep Macon beautiful. God has his eyes on us all.

Sherri Edwards,