Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, July 8, 2018

Macon-Bibb County citizens stand outside the commission chamber during a commission meeting Tuesday night to vote on restoring funding for public transit, libraries, parks and recreation and outside agencies.
Macon-Bibb County citizens stand outside the commission chamber during a commission meeting Tuesday night to vote on restoring funding for public transit, libraries, parks and recreation and outside agencies. jvorhees@macon.com

Decide what’s important

People of Macon-Bibb are in a dilemma common to any democracy: We all want the services, but we are reluctant to pay for them. Let’s become clear about whether libraries, public transportation, pensions and health care for public employees are important. If they are, then we must pay for them.

Roby M. Kerr,


Abortions wouldn’t end

Even if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, it will not end abortions. States have enacted legislation regulating abortions — for rape, incest and when the women’s life is in jeopardy. Each state will have to conduct a referendum to determine if voters want to continue to make abortions legal. Over half of voters are women. Many women believe they should be in control of female medical issues. A third of male voters believe women should establish the rules pertaining to female medical issues. Therefore, there is a high probability that abortion will be legal in most states. I do not think voters want a women to have a back-alley abortion, or, have doctors perform illegal abortions.

If a women lives in a state where abortion is illegal, she can travel to a state where abortion is legal.

Jim Costello,


New breed of bullies

Are you paying attention to today’s losers? You know, the folks who wanted Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. My, how loud and long they complain. And rant. And lie. And physically attack the winners.

Kind of turns their claims of openness and tolerance into fiction. Gotta wonder if they would behave in the identical manner if the roles were reversed.

Actually, their behavior, while seldom crossing legal boundaries, is the action of a bully. Bullies do not believe in compromise. Or fair play. Or the respectful exchange of opinion. Today’s losers assume they, alone, have the correct methods and ideas. The rest of us are just plain wrong.

Sadly, their intolerance makes them look ‘small’ in people’s eyes.

And that brings us to CNN, Jimmy Kimmel, Maxine Waters, Kathy Griffin, Stephen Colbert, Michael Moore, Washington Post, Robert DeNiro.

Bob Norcott,


Physically upsetting times

At age 69, I recently experienced my first panic attack. As a physician, not a psychiatrist, but with plenty difficult anxiety producing experiences of my own, I knew exactly what it was. And since emotional control is survival in my profession, it lasted only 10-20 seconds but still was pretty darned scary.

The precipitating thought was Trump. Having experienced and survived some fairly threatening cataclysms in my seven decades (e.g., nuclear brinksmanship and desegregation in the South), I emerged with goodness confirmed and with hopes for a better world.

And then a narcissistic demagogue is elected by a (minority) populace mesmerized into catatonia by the machinations of Rupert Murdoch and Vladimir Putin. Foreigners. Irony? No, parody.

I can only imagine what the national mood must have been in early 1950s with Joseph McCarthy stirring the pot. That we survived. Today? Not sure.

Lowell Clark,


Make cuts to save

Our mayor is looking for a answer that punishes the taxpayers. The answer is getting his pay plans for county employees in balance with civilian pay plans. That will entail a 15 percent to 30 percent pay cuts. Build fire stations for 50 percent less than now being spent. Someone is putting millions in the pockets of close friends. Someone needs to audit these contracts for huge savings. We are talking millions.

Close all nonessential facilities. Parks, pools and buildings that are only used on occasions. Terminate at least 250 senseless positions — and the entire bus system, which is losing millions. End inspections departments that are pointless when you consider the health department is the only oversight needed. Terminate assistant managers and superintendents assistants! There is zero purpose served. Too many are fiddling around and little else. Turn over garbage to the company that picks up county. That, too, will save well over 2 million.

Or is it to late?

Joe Hubbard,


Muslim groups are a threat

In a recent column in The Telegraph, Leonard Pitts criticized President Trump for restricting Muslims from certain countries with groups hostile to the USA. Mr. Pitts is one of the contributors to this fine paper who never has anything positive to say about our president or Republicans in general.

I felt it necessary to add something in defense of our president: He is simply doing what he can to protect the USA from another 9/11, where about 3,000 Americans died in New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It is common knowledge that only a small fraction of Muslims are terrorists, but these small groups can do a lot of carnage as we have seen. Aren’t these the groups that beheaded Christians and burned people to death in cages on TV?

The order stops admission from Muslim countries linked to terrorism; Syria, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. Osama bin Laden founded Al-Qaeda and decreed that it was the duty of every Muslim “to kill Americans.” Al-Qaeda is still active and our president has done more than previous presidents to destroy this organization along with. Others on the U.S. State Department list of terrorist groups include: Boko Haram, Hezbollah, AIG (Armed Islamic Group), and Palestine’s Jihad and Hamas groups. These Trump restrictions will potentially save American lives, which to President Trump in of paramount importance.

Roger Rader,


Don’t run

In relation to police killing Antwon Rose Jr., a black teen in Pittsburgh, why in this world was a young honor student hanging around with such violent people with stolen guns and who were wanted for crimes. Parents, please know the crowd your child is associating with, and tell them whenever a law officer stops for questioning, never run regardless. A shooting by a police officer would never happen, period, if people would not run. It is better having any charges dismissed or confirmed after arrest or even serving time than give law officers any concerns for possible endangerment to others for allowing one to run.

Bibb County parents, please know the associates of your children and beg them never to run regardless if they even think they have done something wrong. There is so much violence accruing in our community, therefore please worn them of possible danger.

Faye W. Tanner,