Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, February 4, 2018

Still active?

I was surprised, during the recent set-to at Cherry Blossom headquarters, to learn that the Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful Commission was actually still active. I’ve gotten used to seeing the litter on newer portions of our interstate which would be difficult to safely clean, like the entrance ramp near Pierce Avenue and the narrow, but trash covered, grassy strip between I-75 S. and the old fence past that entry ramp. But the huge amount of litter on Riverside Drive all the way from Corbin Avenue all the way to Ingleside is just appalling, and the virtual dump all over the verge at Riverside and Ingleside is downright embarrassing. And, don’t turn the corner onto Forest Avenue to go over to Vineville Avenue; you’ll be looking for the wrecked garbage truck as the only possible explanation for complete coverage of the sidewalk and roadside by trash, garbage, even a few tires!

We only have a few weeks before our next Cherry Blossom Festival draws tourists to Macon. If the KMBBC no longer actually tries to keep Macon beautiful, then the city and the Cherry Blossom board had better figure out how we can avoid being awfully embarrassed. If I were visiting Macon expecting to see a lovely city decorated by a fluffy cover of Yoshino cherry blossoms, and instead found garbage-lined streets, main arteries with discarded tires, old shoes, garbage, and fast-food refuse by the bushel adorning them, I’d wonder why the city wanted anyone to come and see it.

Fred Brown,


No abortions would bring bigger problems

Douglas Haden’s Jan. 31 letter “Moral evil” missed the point.

Even with legalized abortions, orphanages, foster care and juvenile homes, we cannot accommodate all the abused, unwanted and discarded children. The rest are ignored. And what happens to the thousands who are put on the sidewalks every year with their meger possessions and no family, home, job or understanding of the world as they age out?

If Roe v. Wade is overturned and abortions are again illegal, coat hanger abortions will again be performed in back rooms and alleys. Babies will again show up in dumpster, trashcans, bathrooms, abandoned in hospitals — and the millions who aren’t will be drug addicted, abused, hated and discarded. Then what?

Christianity’s ineffectiveness created the problem and no amount of marching, love, compassion, money or laws will change the depraved morals creating these babies or the lackadaisical attitude toward them by their creators. So what will?

Travis L. Middleton,

Peach County

Loved the speech

President Trump’s State of the Union speech was great! Finally we have a president who is doing what is needed to make American great again. Anyone who votes for a Democrat in the 2020 presidential election is either anti-American, an idiot or both!

Mike Smith,

Warner Robins

Show Congress your support for health centers

Want to know a secret? Community health centers quietly provide quality care to millions of Americans. Most people don’t know what a health center is, but one in 12 Americans get their care at one. Last year, 27 million Americans, including 330,000 veterans, visited one of the 10,000 health center sites around the country. Health centers are the silent backbone of the primary care system in our country.

Last year, First Choice Primary Care saw 9,377 patients with over 27,000 medical visits. A third of our patients have no health insurance. The rest have Medicare, commercial insurance, or Medicaid.

Health centers like ours are private nonprofits, with a local board of directors. A substantial federal grant allows us to offer discounts based on income, but that funding is now in jeopardy.

The health center program started 50 years ago, and has always had broad bi-partisan support because it’s a very cost effective way to give high quality care, help people manage chronic conditions and avoid unnecessary hospital or ER visits.

Since the Health Center Fund expired Sept. 30t, 2017, Republicans and Democrats have repeatedly expressed support, but no action has been taken to renew funding. Our current grant lasts through April 2018, but if Congress fails to follow through on the promises of support, thousands of people in our community will be without medical care.

The health of our neighbors in Macon and Warner Robins is at risk. Urge our Congressional delegation to fix the health center funding cliff. #RedAlert4CHCs.

Katherine McLeod,


Holding back credit that was due

Democrats sat stone faced while President Trump talked about the lowest black unemployment in history. They looked like a bunch of children sitting in “time out” for being bad or pouting because they didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas last year. So consumed by hatred for President Trump they couldn’t bring themselves to applaud this achievement. Even the Black Congressional Caucus sat on their hands. Pathetic. Hope the voters remember this.

Richard Jones,

Warner Robins

Democrats need to get on board with Trump

President Donald J. Trump hit a home run with his 2018 State of the Union address while the congressional Democrats sat silent and stone-faced. The response given by Rep. Joe Kennedy III, D-Mass, was akin to a sophomore college student bumbling in Public Speaking 101. Rep Louis Gutierrez, D-Ill, walked out of the chamber before the president finished speaking because he could not bear to hear the truth on our immigration crises, and the proposed solution offered.

Putting restrictions on immigration into the USA is not a hard concept to understand. Last year the University of Georgia had 5,625 students who were eligible for a sheep skin, and the Walter F. George School of Law in Macon accepted 146 first-year students. Suppose all the Bulldog graduates showed up at the Mercer Registrar’s Office demanding admission to the School of Law. Many would have been rejected because of lack of staff, financial aid and other resources. Immigration works the same way.

Our president is doing a fine job at making America great again. It’s about time the congressional Democrats joined him in the effort.

John G. Kelley Jr.,