Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Sunday, January 21, 2018

CHIP in danger

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) came into existence in 1997 with the support of both parties. The purpose of the Children’s Health Insurance Program is to provide health insurance coverage to children in working families that make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but do not make enough money to afford private health insurance. Over 9 million children are covered by CHIP. In addition, 19 states extend coverage to pregnant women to provide beneficial prenatal care.

Funding for CHIP expired in September 2017. Already, states are having to make dire cuts. Real children of real families are facing real health-care problems.

Congress can remedy this. They can extend funding for CHIP. Our country purports to value children and families. Sen. Johnny Isakson purports to value children and families. Sen. David Perdue purports to value children and families. Rep. Austin Scott purports to value children and families. Please contact Sen. Isakson at (202) 224-3643, Sen. Perdue at (202) 224-3643, and Rep. Scott at (202) 225-6531, and ask that they walk the walk in addition to talking the talk. You can also go to www.isakson.senate.gov, www.perdue.senate.gov, and www.austinscott.house.gov to either send an email or get the local telephone numbers of these public servants.

S. Janet Payne,


News fakers

Lib-Dimms’ nasty tricks

All this hullabaloo about Trump’s untoward slur about some failed countries was pounced on typically by the disloyal opposition to quash any positive news about the just concluded joint congressional meeting in the White House. Dimm Durbin is a master at it, adding to the medias 90 percent negative coverage of Trump.

Pots calling the kettles black

But, as to the Lib-Dimms and other misguided, hypocritical, ilk — including several RINOs—who overlook the extraordinary achievements President Trump has done just in his first year and instead bray like jackasses about an off-handed slur as reason to call Trump a racist and impeachable, they simply illustrate the left’s duplicity, idiocy and irrelevance.

Where was the hue and cry when Vice President Biden whispered audibly into Obama’s ear after the ACA signing: “This is a big ****ing deal”? Reportedly, too, Hillary’s and McCain’s off-camera swear worse than a teed-off Marine and to whom with the other Congressional scumbags we give a pass. Much less does anyone recognize the fact that the USA was almost brought over the brink into a hole that Obama and Hillary had been leading us toward?

Fallen saint?

Poor Trump. Apparently not a holier-than-thou saint like his predecessors: FDR (adulterer), Eisenhower (adulterer), Nixon (profane, crook), JFK (Catholic inveterate adulterer), LBJ (profane, vulgar, crude, racist), Clinton (impeached, adulterer), and Obama (perfidious, liar and incompetent).

And, oh my god! “Trump the Truth-teller” as well: pinning the obvious label on Haiti and not mentioning North Korea, Cuba, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Palestine-Gaza, Somalia, Bangladesh, Yemen, Kenya, Liberia, Myanmar, Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela — and a bunch more he could have cited in which incompetent, corrupt governments that enslave their poverty-stricken populaces while their so-called leaders steal all foreign aid to enrich themselves.

Some tribal races don’t seem to be able to govern themselves, and that ought to be able to be pointed out without being criticized as racist. Wouldn’t it make more sense not to invite their skilled and educated elite minority to this country and instead urge them to stay and build their own countries?

Past observation

I visited Haiti 40 years ago and found it peaceful and safe under its ruthless, corrupt dictator “Baby Doc” Duvalier and his Tonton Macoute brutal enforcers. Sadly, it has always been a “S**t-hole” from its beginning.

On the other hand, Jamaica was one of the most beautiful and friendly islands in the Caribbean. I drove all over it and found the inhabitants friendly and well educated, even in the innermost villages. I hope it is still like this.

Avery Chenoweth Sr.,


Ready, fire, aim

President Donald Trump defended his vitriol and vileness, after he slurred Haiti, Africa and El Salvador as sh—hole countries, during a meeting, which discussed immigration and DACA. Trump explained he spewed what others were thinking. Perhaps. However, it’s Trump who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and is obligated to provide leadership, not gutter talk, laden with racial overtones.

Trump, as customary, refused accountability. He blamed the media for distorting his words. Wrong. But, that’s secondary. Shouldn’t a twitter acclaimed stable genius, and like I’m really smart, individual, deftly pluck words from his repository that are clear, concise, and cogent?

Under Secretary of State Steve Goldstein, seized toady of the week honors. He said the president is allowed to say what he wants. Really? That’s repugnant to reason. Sen. Dick Durbin said Trump used the expletive numerous times. It’s illustrative of Trump’s arrogance and animus toward people of color. Especially, considering he wondered why the U.S. doesn’t attract Norwegians. Don’t forget, candidate Trump courted Haitian-Americans. “I want to be your greatest champion,” he said.

Since Trump advocates a merit based system, hammer the point. Instead he chose to disdain and debase people of color. He blared his candidacy by insulting Mexicans, slurred black NFL players during a public address as sons of bi----, who should be fired.

Van Jones, CNN commentator, said 33 percent of Americans have bachelor degrees, while 41 percent of Africans have bachelor degrees. As usual, Trump fires, then aims.

Marc D. Greenwood,

Camp Hill, Alabama


In a recent letter Tommy Parker took The Telegraph to task for printing the alleged S***hole remark in its full spelling on the front page. The editor responded in the tiniest, almost unreadable letters that I have ever seen in The Telegraph, excusing himself by saying that the expletive was placed “below the fold” and in the “fourth paragraph.” Not only that, but the editor had the bad taste to once again include the full expletive in the printing of Parker’s letter which was obviously not Parker’s expectation or intent.

Come on editors, let’s up your game. You might even want to consider an apology.

Ned Dominick,