Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Friday, January 19, 2017

Perdue on Trump

Since most news outlets, TV and newspapers are left leaning, the article by Sen. David Perdue in the Dec. 21 edition of the Opinion section was refreshing and desperately needed. In his unique position in the U.S. Senate he has explained the positive results of President Trumps first year in office. I highly recommend readers of the Telegraph read this article.

Trump with the help of Republicans in Congress, like Sen. Perdue, is making some desperately needed changes and increasing respect for the good old U.S.A. He outlines Trump’s accomplishments and the positive effects they have had. The Democrats are panicking because they know Trump is going to have a positive effect on our country and economy, which will not be good for their social Democratic agenda. An example is their only comment concerning the tax cuts is it favors the wealthy. The tax cuts favor everyone including the wealthy.

Remember high earners, which is 1 percent of the population, pay over 40 percent of federal taxes. Lowering the top bracket by a couple of percent saves these high earners more than someone with the medium income of $73,000. Low and middle-income earners will experience a 60 percent decrease in their tax obligation. Also, lowering the corporate tax rate results in substantial savings for businesses allowing them more money for expansion and job creation. Seventy-five percent of all employees work for small businesses.

We are already seeing the effects on our economy. Georgia can be thankful and proud to have a senator like David Perdue representing the great state of Georgia. David’s cousin Sonny is also a great addition to the administration as Secretary of Agriculture.

Roger Rader,


Proposed immigration bill

Some news media has referred to the Durbin-Flake amnesty proposal as “the Senate deal.” But the authors of the Raise Act, Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, Judiciary Committee Chair, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga. disagree. They say: “There has been no deal reached yet on the future of DACA in the Senate.”

“Some of our colleagues have floated a potential plan that, simply put, isn’t serious. It is disingenuous to discuss providing status to, potentially, millions of individuals without taking credible steps to truly protect our borders and secure the interior.

“It simply isn’t credible to consider any ‘deals’ that don’t make it easier to apprehend, detain and deport dangerous criminal aliens. We owe the American people better.

“Any deal that does not address the four pillars we have reiterated — ending chain migration, eliminating the outdated visa lottery, increasing border security, and solving the DACA situation —is no deal at all.”

I agree. The proposed bi-partisan Durbin-Flake deal isn’t serious. It does not stop and hardly slows the flow of immigrants coming to the U.S. in search of well-paying jobs. Technology is already reducing the need for unskilled labor. Consider: Robotics has reduced the number of workers performing repetitive tasks on assembly lines throughout the world. The introduction of driver-less cars will soon decrease the need for taxi cab drivers. Forty-foot containers can be moved from cargo ship to rail car with only a few computer keystrokes. Stevedores have become an outdated occupation. One is hardly ever seen on the waterfronts of New York City.

I predict that as robotics matures it will continue to reduce the number of available factory jobs and there will be violent competition for available jobs and social services will be overwhelmed if immigration is not effectively controlled.

Hill Kaplan,


Gun licensing responses

As expected, some of my friends have expressed disagreement with my prior letter comparing firearm licensing to driver’s licensing. Chief complaint: “I know how to operate a firearm, I don’t need any proof of training.” I understand that view. As young boy, I was taught proper firearm safety and accuracy by the Boy Scouts of America, attending summer camp for several years, being taught at their firing range usually by former World War II military men who served in combat. Therefore, I too feel I already know the rules.

Most youngsters are taught how to drive a car by their parents or sometimes at school, or both, and that probably also applies to firearm training. But one cannot deny that automobile deaths are a very serious concern, greatly outnumbering accidental firearm deaths, which is why society has a process to verify someone’s ability and knowledge to operate an auto safely.

The point of my previous letter was mainly to point out that society’s approach to both should be identical, and not so heavily cumbersome, time-consuming and obviously discouraging as it is in some states for firearms. Further, one state’s firearm licenses should be recognized nationwide, as are driver’s licenses.

I also tried to point out that both an auto and a firearm are simply inanimate tools. Both serve a useful purpose, which I feel is not recognized or accepted by the gun-hating states. Look, the number of people owning firearms is enormous. If there were a large proportion of them having inadequate knowledge of firearm safety, then we would be seeing the number of accidental firearm deaths and injuries similar to auto tragedies, but that isn’t happening.

Finally, when talking about firearm licensing, one must recognize that will never solve the problem of criminal usage of firearms, for obvious reasons. Elimination of firearms totally is thus impossible. Disarming law abiding citizens is like OSHA for criminals, it makes their occupation much safer.

Richard Jones,

Warner Robins

Trump’s talk

There has been no other president afraid to say what the thinks since Harry Truman. I like a man who says what he means. At least I can understand what he stands for. Politicians always have a habit is saying one thing and doing another. I know President Trump has changed his mind from time to time. Don’t we all? Then the Democrats along with their friends are always willing to stab Trump in the back. President Trump has done more for this great nation in less than a year than Obama did in eight years. I may have disliked Obama’s ideas but I always showed respect for him as the president.

Brian T. Reid Sr.,