Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wilkinson County coach Aaron Geter, Jr. pumps his fist as his team took the final rebound and won the GHSA A-public state championship over Calhoun, 66-53.
Wilkinson County coach Aaron Geter, Jr. pumps his fist as his team took the final rebound and won the GHSA A-public state championship over Calhoun, 66-53. bcabell@macon.com


It seems that the only trouble brewing in that county which involves the basketball team and its coach is jealousy, haters and a personal vendetta against Coach Geter.

I commend The Telegraph because it looked like it did a good job of investigation, but after all is said and done, here is what I feel. The folks who were involved in the sexual misconduct were disciplined.

As far as the basketball recruitment goes, again I believe there are coach haters out there who are jealous of Coach Geter’s success. He sounds like he’s a good coach who knows what he is doing, looking out for the interest of his players and has brought good things to Wilkinson County basketball.

Congratulations to Coach Geter for your success and good luck in the upcoming season

Timothy J. Mellen,


Open records

Thanking the Telegraph. One can complain about The Telegraph regarding some issues, however, I think they do an outstanding job making requests through the Georgia Open Records Act. As in the past, they have been involved concerning questionable occurrences pertaining county and state issues.

Many thanks to David Hudson, an attorney representing The Telegraph in its request involving Wilkinson County High School teachers, member of the school’s staff, paying basketball players, recruiting out of county students, etc. What a rap sheet on years of questionable activities at the school. How sad for what seems to be a good basketball team.

Faye W. Tanner,


What’s middle class?

We better get some consensus in writing about “what is middle class?” before we jump on or off this tax reform bandwagon.

Statistically, $59,000 per year is the median salary in the U.S. But no one is calling that middle class. It ranges from $48,000 (Tax Policy Center) to $450,000 (GOP). Someone in our government thinks half a million dollars per year is middle class! Everyone knows whatever the proposed middle class tax breaks are, they will phase out in six years and then we are back where we were or worse.

Mike Rumage,


I was wrong, but

Seems I have been taken to task by two writers saying my Harry S. Truman quotes were incorrect, based just on whether a few words were “in use” at the time. I didn’t get them from the Internet, but from an email from a trusted friend who said he got it from the Truman Museum. I’m old enough to remember President Truman and they seemed like something he would have said. But both critics of my letter were also wrong. The word combination, “Politically Correct,” according to the online Merriam Webster site, says this term was first used in 1934, so it certainly could have been known and used by Truman. It is not so recent as to be impossible, contrary to what both critics said.

I sent an inquiry to the Truman Library but no response so far. My 94 year old aunt told me she remembers Bess Truman’s remark very well about her husband’s use of the word “manure” and she confirms my memory about that as well as the fact that Harry Truman was also criticized for blunt, colorful speech as President Trump has been.

OK to quibble about details, but the essence of my letter was generally right on. The Truman online site lists this quote: “The least government is the best government. We should have just as little as we can get along with.” I know that will also upset my critics, who obviously just can’t stand a conservative voice or that a Democratic president in 1945 was not like today’s Democrats.

Richard Jones,

Warner Robins

A simple ‘thank you’

Re. David Perdue veterans letter: As a 72 year old combat veteran, Purple Heart recipient, I have seen Veterans Days come and go. I have observed the accompanying activities such as department stores and automobile dealers “Veteran Day” sales as well as the small community ceremonies. It seemingly is part of the landscape for us old vets. However, when a sitting U.S. senator, David Perdue, uses the occasion to praise Donald J. Trump (for allegedly fixing the VA) I am compelled to respond.

This is the same Trump who avoided service because of “bone spurs” that did not keep him off the golf course. This is the Trump who tried to chastise a POW veteran. This is the Trump who attempted to dishonor families who lost loved ones. This is the Trump “who knows more than the generals.”

Sen. Perdue, a simple “Thank you for your service,” would have been sufficient and more appropriate as opposed to garnering favor from this type of human being.

Mike Williams,


More Senate criminals

The Senate just passed a resolution that they will receive sexual harassment prevention training very two years. That doesn’t seem right. Robins Air Force Base employees are required to take it every year, and there are more criminals in the Senate than there are on base.

Dan Topolewski,


The score

If you are keeping score on the Centerville City Council follies here is the most current score.

City: Fleecing us for a park that no one even knows where it is and how to get there.

City: $90,000 to get an old building torn down. Sure would like to see who’s palms got greased on that one.

Citizens: Fought taxing 70 year old’s for city taxes after it was already contracted that they were exempt.

Citizens: Under-handed plans to build “affordable” housing one fence away form the main tax base of Centerville. The City was called out and lost.

Jim Vandriver,


Coffee anyone?

If not for Dr. Bill Cummings, who faithfully attends our Sunday School class every Sunday morning, The Telegraph would have to find “filler” material for letters to the editor. Some may think he is only “stirring the pot” or playing provocateur. He’s not. He is a believer, a thoroughly educated one. If you are a critic, invite him for a cup of coffee. My wager is that, maybe against your will, you will like him.

Walter B. Shurden,