Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Friday, November 3, 2017

Warner Robins mayoral candidates Joe Musselwhite, Chuck Shaheen, and Randy Toms responded to questions during a forum at Central Georgia Technical College.
Warner Robins mayoral candidates Joe Musselwhite, Chuck Shaheen, and Randy Toms responded to questions during a forum at Central Georgia Technical College. bcabell@macon.com

What planet?

“History attests: The surest path to peace is through American strength.”

Vice President Mike Pence.

Erick Erickson’s Oct. 27 Opinion Page column sure was special but pained me to read. In referring to our president, he said: “The America of October 2017 is little different from the American of…” a year ago. Boy, is he ever wrong.

Since he has been on another planet for 365 days let me provide the missed bulletins. We have:

1. The repeal of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s anti-arbitration rule from the Dodd-Frank bill of 2010 — and hopefully the repeal of the entire bill.

2. A flying GDP growth above 3 percent (vs. previous president who produced 1.55 percent for his eight years).

3. Recent passage of a budget resolution that puts us on the path toward historic tax reform.

4. A strong commander-in-chief that has stopped the social engineering within our military ranks, given our troops the leadership missing for eight years, and a military which again has a persuasive deterrence towards our enemies.

5. A safe Israel, let alone the people of that great country, since we will again cover their backs.

6. A bold attempt at repealing and replacing Obamacare. (Did you read that Georgia’s “silver” medical plan will increase 48 percent in 2018 due to the Affordable Care Act?)

7. Castration of the Iranian nuclear agreement to prevent Iran from attaining lethal nuclear weapons, which is needed due to the treasonous action and dereliction of the previous president.

8. And, since “salsa” seems to be his mania in said article, the enforcement of immigration laws, the building of a border wall and the recent announcement by our own Sen. David Perdue of a “Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act.”

Now, folks, what have I missed to further enlighten Mr. E. about?

Bobby Komlo,


Stand up and solve

Until black inequality is corrected, filthy rich sport figures will continue to kneel during the national anthem to draw attention to a problem few understand, including the kneelers.

The general perception that black people belong to a special needs race requiring assistance to survive and negotiate life continues to be fostered by politicians. Centuries of hammering this nonsense into America’s conscience turned a falsehood into a perceived reality, thereby creating a racial narrative that serves politicians — not the truth.

If kneelers of each franchise sold their million dollar mansions, car collections, jewelry and wardrobes, then combined the proceeds with their salaries, coupled with the financial support of fans, the real problems plaguing black families and neighborhoods (in each team’s home state) could be spotlighted; a plan formulated to “help” solve self-inflicted problems created by narcissistic politicians’ divide-and-conquer tactics.

Racial inequality can be rectified by depoliticizing ethnic differences. Instead of aspirating the problem by kneeling— stand up and solve it. We must become one nation under God, not politicians.

Travis L. Middleton,

Peach County

Say ‘thanks’

In his 1980s book, “The Third Wave,” futurist and author Alvin Toffler predicted Lee Iacocca or Donald Trump could one day be our president. Sadly, he was correct about Trump, while Iacocca retired to watch “Dancing With The Stars.”

Fast forward to today and we see Trump and his appointed bandits raiding Fort Knox, while throwing his followers bread crumbs and leaving an environmental mess in their wake. His enforcers, included Tom Price and Sonny Perdue from Georgia. Tom got too greedy with his hand in the cookie jar without the permission of his boss, but Perdue, our new head of big agriculture, lauded by the mainstream media, is another kleptocrat intent on doing Trump’s will.

This department is responsible for soil conservation, nutrition and other programs with a $155 billion budget and 100,000 staffers. With little actual farming experience, expect Perdue to do what he did as governor of Georgia, working to expand industrial agriculture at the expense of the small farmer, appointing business partners and political donors to key positions, and hunting for tax breaks for the wealthy.

The Organic Consumers Association assessment concludes he supports factory farms, pesticides and GMO crops, and as governor blocked local communities from regulating these industries.

As taxpayers, we spend billions of dollars on disasters related to climate change, and our soil becomes contaminated, causing us sickness and death and decimating wildlife along the way. Future generations can thank the people who voted to make America great again.

Fred Gunter,


Chuck knows

I moved to Warner Robins in 1996 and since then have read about all of our mayors in The Telegraph. Plus I have attended several city council meetings. I have always found our city services to be well run and our city employees to be polite and efficient. Never have I had a complaint.

I believe Randy Toms has done a very good job as our mayor. He has overseen several improvements in city services, notably in our recreation areas. Thus I feel confident to say that our city has been efficiently run during his tenure and the progress made is there for all to see.

Despite all of the above, I intend to vote for Chuck Shaheen for mayor mainly because of his professional business attitudes and personality. Our city needs to be run in a more business-like way and needs to attract more companies and businesses. As a former mayor and city councilman, Chuck knows what needs to be done.

Frank W. Gadbois,

Warner Robins

Required reading

I know friends my age (89) have given up on The Telegraph. The electronic crowd may have an app but skip the Opinion page. I regret they miss out on what the ordinary man is thinking — from the intellectuals to the crazy people we live with. If you care about your world you should read, at least, the Opinion page every day. If there is “fake news” the letter writers will let you know.

Jimmy Hays,