Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Monday, October 23, 2017



All in one day, we have another kid killed by gunfire in our community, two people walking hit by cars, and our elected officials priorities seem to be funding for Macon Bacon and building and widening roads. There just seems to be something terribly wrong with that picture. Where is the outrage?

Lee Martin,



Would someone please let me know when we start winning?

William D. Carter,


Ancestor insults

A certain writer recently wrote a letter disparaging my ancestors, Abraham and Sarah and referring to Hagar as a sex slave. At the time they lived, centuries before the Ten Commandments, it was common practice for slaves to have children for barren mistresses. Hagar’s original purpose was not to sleep with Abraham, and she had only one child for Sarah. Somehow, Sarah got confused and thought God must not have been speaking literally when he promised her a child in her old age.

Next, the writer attacked my ancestor Jacob for having four wives, also centuries before the commandments. The Bible is clear that Jacob wanted only one wife. However, God knew that Rachel couldn’t have many children, and God wanted to build Israel into a nation. Thank God for Leah, or I might not be able to claim Jewish ancestors.

The Jews have a hard enough time in this life, due to the intense envy and hatred of Lucifer. As for Hagar, she was valued by God and deserves more respect than to be called a sex slave. As for Andy Cook, there was nothing wrong with his column. There is something wrong with people thinking they can do as they please.

Susan Ganus,

Warner Robins

Trying harder

So Mr. G (Frank Gadbois) thinks there are too many conservatives? I was kinda insulted that he didn’t mention me, so I’ll just have to try harder to get under his skin. I gotta convince him that he has America confused with some other country, one in which the majority of its citizens thinks killing babies is OK and that the government should take care of us from cradle to grave. He would have been right at home in early 20th century Russia. And I need to convince him that this country was indeed founded by white males from Europe who were just trying to get away from the tyranny that he so eagerly espouses. White men who didn’t want government to tell them how to worship, who wanted to be able to arm themselves against government tyranny, among other things.

I guess I am a “white nationalist,” since it seems these days everybody has to have a label. And yes, I have conservative political leanings, although I’m seriously considering not claiming to be a Republican anymore, since that party has proved to be just as much a part of the “swamp” as all the other politicians, bureaucrats and lobbyists who populate Washington, D.C. I have to convince him that without borders, without a common language, we don’t have a country anymore. I have to convince him that the U.S. Constitution applies to U.S. citizens only, and that people who sneak across our borders or overstay their visas are illegal aliens who have absolutely no rights and should be deported in accordance with our laws, no questions asked. I have to convince him that no state has the authority to ignore federal law when it comes to handling immigration issues.

There are so many more issues about which Mr. G. Is either ill- or misinformed about, but I have to stop somewhere, don’t I?

Jerry Norris,

Warner Robins

Old Jeffersonville Road

Thanks to Commissioner Elaine Lucas for pushing to get this road on the agenda for improvement. Please, if an agreement can’t be met with the cost of relocating the utility poles, can something be done about all the cracks, holes, bumps, humps and everything else that will knock your front end out line? I once road a motorcycle to work on this road and I guess people might have thought I driving under the influence of something with all the swerving I would have to do to avoid these spots. Once again thanks to Commissioner Lucas but this, project is long overdue.

George Scoville,


Taking liberty for granted

When bad actions take place, such as what happened in Las Vegas, some people are so quick and desperate to propose ways to deter such actions from reoccurring that they have no care in the world about whether or not such deterrents violate the U.S. Constitution. Case in point: people who want gun restrictions. They want action to be taken on this issue based on their emotions, moral entrepreneurship, amount of such incidents which occur, and comparison of gun laws with other countries. But they can never back up their wishes with the Constitution. They think the former supersedes it, and can only speculate hypothetical beliefs of the Founders if they were alive today.

Like it or not, the Constitution does not put a limit on how many guns or how much ammunition people can own. Nor does it allow for amendments to be waived or suspended in times of crisis. The only constitutional way for any of that to be changed is for the process stated in Article V to be followed. Anyone who believes otherwise takes liberty for granted.

Mark Zloczover,

Boynton Beach, Florida

Clairvoyant powers

“You can not (properly) judge a book by its cover any more accurately than you can by its title.’ I read to stimulate my mind while trying to be informed via various means including the Telegraph’s “Opinion Page” reflecting thoughts of local non-professional writers while endeavoring to judge not.

Frank Gadbois’ egocentric assessment of fellow “letter to Editor” writers in Tuesday’s Telegraph appears to claim that he possesses such a high order of clairvoyance that my rural ancestors’ pass down advice would say deserves the cautionary descriptive phrase, “that dog won’t hunt.”

Arthur D. Brook,



Oh for more men like you, Mr. Dick Yarbrough. You are a joy to read. Thanks for a good chuckle this fine Lord’s day.

Ann Clark,

Warner Robins