Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Thursday, September 21, 2017

No discount

I recently went to a local chain “sports” store and was told that they do not give any military discounts. I called the corporate headquarters and was told by a very sympathetic lady that store does not want to discriminate....so no one gets a discount. You have got to be kidding me. She went on to say that her brother is in the service and her father was in the service so she completely understood my frustration, but that was the company’s policy. She even offered me 10 percent off on any online order; which I thanked her, but said no. If that’s their philosophy, then I certainly will not shop there.

Daniel Toma,



There is a lot of “news of the weird” coming out of San Francisco lately. But of all the stupid, un-constitutional, un-American stuff coming out of there recently, today’s article in The Telegraph takes the cake. It seems that a bunch of illegal immigrants are suing the federal government because they might be deported. Is this a new definition of insanity? All of this started when Obummer drew up an unconstitutional executive order which exempted illegals who came here as children from our immigration laws.

The leftist would have you believe that all these poor kids (most of whom are in their 20s now) were brought here (through no fault of their own) by their parents as children. But remember the thousands of unaccompanied children who came over the border illegally in 2015 and 2016 from South America? They are included under this amnesty program know as DACA.

Anyway, so when did criminals obtain the right to sue their captors? Crazy stuff. Anywhere else but the left coast, the judge would have laughed and thrown the case out. It’s a sad day for my country.

Jerry Norris,

Warner Robins

One of the several requirements for DACA registration is they must have “continuously resided in the United States since June 15, 2007, up to the present time.”


Confront climate change

While it may be encouraging that Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources hosted a conference on “Climate Change” last year, it is deeply troubling that the conference program acknowledged nothing about the causes of our dangerously overheating climate.

That omission was a deliberate result of top-down, politically-driven but unspoken policy imposed on state employees that protects special interests by restricting the use of science essential to defending our citizens and natural resources.

Under such constraints, agency personnel speak about the causes of climate change at the risk of losing their jobs. Even the Coastal Advisory Council, appointed by the politically-obedient DNR commissioner to — ostensibly — improve Georgia’s coastal management program, has been reluctant to openly discuss climate change actions needed to properly address the issue.

Until Georgia’s agencies and elected officials acknowledge the human activities causing climate change — foremost the combustion of fossil fuels — the state’s implicit gag order will continue making Georgia a propagator of delusion and denial that impedes urgently needed corrective action to limit the accumulative damage of climate change.

Accordingly, Georgia should join responsible states that have adopted plans for reducing greenhouse gases by curbing the use of fossil fuels and ramping up investment in clean energy. As one example of timely efforts on this pivotal issue, consider the Off Fossil Fuels Act, now being sponsored in Congress.

For more about OFF, go to https://www.ecowatch.com/off-act-tulsi-gabbard-2479880368.html

David Kyler,

Center for a Sustainable Coast

Saint Simons Island

About time

Thank goodness that Confederate Flag has been removed from the South Carolina capitol. And now they’re at last removing the monuments from New Orleans. It’s comforting to know that “racism” will finally be ending by pulling down the flag and removing the Confederate monuments. Blacks will now be free to live the “American dream,” free to keep their families together, free to value education, free to support their own children, free to stop murdering each other, free to graduate high school, free to get married before having babies and free to stop crime in their neighborhoods.

Now we will all rest easier knowing that those problems have ceased to exist. About 6 percent of people in the South owned slaves. Was the war about slavery or states rights? It appears that 13 percent of our population is in control of history. Is this a great country or what?

Clyde Ellerbee Jr.,


Glass recycling

Why doesn’t Macon recycle glass? I can’t believe that Monroe County and Byron can both manage this, or so I am told by friends who recycle, and a city of our size, scope and resources can’t locate a recycler who takes glass?

Hetty Jardine,


No aid

America is so quick to say they are saving lives when disaster strikes. If that’s the case, where were they when slaves were getting hung, beaten and killed? Did anyone see a rescue team running to their aid?

Meaza Fluellen,

Fort Valley

The dinosaur era

As the internet continues to improve our lives the current landscape is changing. Almost anything you need can be purchased from the comfort of home, in pajamas , at 3 a.m. Book stores, travel agents, employment agencies, record stores are virtually extinct. Each day brings news of another long-standing business we no longer use.

Are political parties next? May be. Very few constituents are happy with their leaders’ efforts. Half the country voted for a man without fealty to any party. President Trump is determined to create the same spirit of American exceptionalism that brought success to him and he spurns the prevailing rules of Washington to achieve it. Trump is bringing new methods, new ideas and a new energy to politics. Politicians appear useless in comparison when they respond by resisting in the same old, tired manner. Their partisan obstruction only adds to voter frustration. Trump is making legislators appear as dated as a stick shift on the column.

You may not agree with Trump, but you cannot deny his impact. Those opposed to the president can take comfort that he is only the first leader to ignore the dinosaurs of D.C. Others will follow in his footsteps.

Bob Norcott,