Letters to the Editor

This is Viewpoints for Saturday, September 2, 2017


I pray Almighty God that you will help President Trump help us and I pray that you will help us help President Trump.

Faye W. Tanner,


Be quiet

Please stop carping about every single thing President Trump is doing. Try to remember that we, the American people, elected him.

Robert W. Greene,


More than academics

Walter Williams’ opinion piece detailing bias against Asian-Americans applying to universities struck a cord. Our granddaughter is 25 percent Asian and was an excellent student in high school, graduating with a 4.5 GPA. She had many AP classes to her credit and was active in school sports, Girl Scouts, martial arts training and worked numerous jobs. I was shocked to learn that in order to receive maximum credit for her scholastic achievements, she had to apply to universities as white.

While I don’t care how she identifies her race, I find it unreasonable that she would have been penalized had she applied as Asian-American. Her hard work should be given full credit. She is now a sophomore at university majoring in neurosciences. (My one piece of advice to her was this: When you select your major, make sure it has a job waiting for you upon graduation.) This Summer she worked waiting tables at a pizza restaurant, took an on-line class for credits applicable to her major and went to class to become a certified Emergency Medical Technician. She has passed her EMT practical exam and will soon take her written exam. For her sophomore year of college she has a part time job. Her goal is to be a Physician’s Assistant, a much needed service to the people of this nation.

Although her grades would have gotten her into the university she attends without regard to her race, it’s disgusting to think that she could have been denied for any reason other than a lack of scholastic qualifications. It’s time to put an end to all forms of discrimination for entrance to institutions of higher learning. Hard work should be rewarded, not punished because of one’s ethnicity.

Walker Smith,


Tax recension

Thanks to the editor for the response which stated that I spoke in error in my letter, “once a tax has been passed it cannot be reversed.” After a little research with an encyclopedia as the source, according to international tax law, I’m right, but western jurisprudence allows the governing entity that imposed the tax to rescind it. So that means to me that if enough pressure is applied, taxpayer will prevail.

Equal contribution by its citizenry for the betterment of a society I have no problem with, but the key word is “equal” and used properly. That has to be established.

Daniel E. Lee,


Election time?

I see the “leaders” protesting. Must be an election coming up. C. Jack Ellis is making noise again. I guess he is running for something or the other. Leaders? Of what, 500 people mentioned? Leaders of a small group of “offended” people. How come they haven’t been offended during the many years that statue has been there? No answer? Didn’t think so.

If an inanimate piece of sculpture can cause heartache, anxiety, offense, sure don’t know what these “leaders” would do if they had a real problem.

Jim vanDriver,


Can we live together?

David Burkovich is concerned that our immoral lifestyles and secular laws will be this country’s downfall. He contends we are on the path to perdition. He believes the only solution to prevent this from happening is for some individuals to convert. I assume he means for them to become Christians. He believes this is the only way that will allow God’s graces to prevail. Do those converting become Protestants or Catholics? If Protestant, which denomination? If Catholic, Roman or Orthodox? Does it make a difference? I wonder what Burkovich would say if someone asked him to convert?

I believe all people of faith have core moral values based on their deeply held religious beliefs. I believe non-denominational believers have moral values. I believe non-believers have moral values. An individual’s religion does not matter. What matters is how an individual leads their life. We should concentrate on religious similarities, not doctrinal differences. People of different faiths can coexist. We have been doing it for over 200 years.

Jim Costello,


Protest repercussions

The National Football League Players Association and NFL ownership collective bargaining agreement governs player conduct. The CBA doesn’t mandate players stand for the National Anthem. Does standing for the anthem, hand on heart, verify you’re a patriot?

Colin Kaepernick, consulted with Green Beret, ex-NFL player Nate Boyer, who suggested Kaepernick kneel, not sit, during the anthem, which defames black people, read all four stanzas. Kaepernick said his silent protest, gave voice to the voiceless. He protested people of color being killed by police at will, police not being held accountable, and then getting paid leave.

Many fans deplored his protest, but how many fans deplore Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Alton Spencer, etc. all killed down by police. A life supersedes a symbol. Kaepernick has donated $800,000, purchased suits for men released from prison, yet the NFL has colluded to deny him an opportunity to work.

Phillip M. Stinson, criminal justice professor at Bowling Green State University, ex-police officer, compiled data between 2005-2011, which showed only 41 on-duty officers were charged with murder or manslaughter. During that time period, the FBI recorded several thousand justifiable homicides. Authoritative data, which confirms Kaepernick’s thesis.

Knowing the mania that erupted when Tommie Smith and John Carlos shot black gloved fists into the air in 1968, the ire that ousted Mahmoud Abdul Raul from the NBA, Kaepernick’s courage and resolve, remain immense.

Marc D. Greenwood,

Camp Hill, Alabama

Don’t need new reactors

As a challenger to a PSC incumbent, Chuck Eaton, I wanted to write to offer my opinion on the decision to move forward with construction of Plant Vogtle.

The Public Service Commission in Georgia is supposed to be our advocate and protector in dealing with the utility monopolies they regulate. The PSC is abdicating responsibility to Georgia’s ratepayers by continuing construction of the last remaining nuclear plant in America.

It marks a dark day in a series of days where families and businesses have now paid billions of dollars for an unneeded and ridiculously expensive power plant. I remember well Republican Commissioner Bobby Baker’s vote against this project and wonder where courage on the commission has gone.

In a commission that really should be non-partisan, the PSC has a fiduciary responsibility to the ratepayers of Georgia. Despite in past years fighting solar as “not economically viable,” they now pursue an economic boondoggle that will create far more expensive power than the solar they once criticized.

I know energy. My company helps people save money every day through efficiency projects. As we did locally retrofitting the Mulberry Street Garage saving taxpayers 60 percent of the monthly cost. With efforts like this we have helped create a surplus of power supply capacity available to Georgia. I know firsthand we don’t need the new power plants we’re being saddled with.

John Noel,


Reminders of a lost war

I am truly sorry that Jack Ellis and his followers are upset about two monuments in downtown Macon. They are reminders of “The War Between The States” that happened about 150 years ago.

I wish that instead he would remember the words Dr. Martin Luther King in his “I Have a Dream” speech.” He stated that the day would come when little children would be judged by their character, rather then the color of their skin.

In a way, I am glad that Dr. King can’t see that part of his “ Dream” has become a nightmare.

Wouldn’t it be a better project to make that dream come true rather than waste time on two statues that remind us of a war the South lost?

Jean E. Weaver,