How do parents choose the right school for their children?

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The Center For Collaborative Journalism (CCJ) faculty, staff and students joined The Telegraph and GPB in a community engagement project that began in 2016 to examine our community’s experience with the nationwide trend of racial resegregation in schools.

We held public forums to explore the history of public education in Macon-Bibb and surrounding counties to better understand this trend and to hear from community members.

They discussed the current problems and talked about possible solutions. Over the last two months, CCJ video and audio students worked in teams to revisit some of the voices we heard in the project’s community forums.

Students interviewed members of Monroe, Jones and Macon-Bibb counties. They began with the question, “What was your experience with race and schools?” The subjects provided varied perspectives, personal stories, and their hopes for the future of race and education in Middle Georgia.

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