Baldwin County votes against T-SPLOST, Monroe County voters approve its SPLOST

Voters in Baldwin County and Milledgeville shot down Tuesday efforts to pass the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax that would have provided the funding needed to resurface roads, replace bridges and pay for other infrastructure improvements.

“We estimate that in the five-year period for this T-SPLOST that the county will collect ($22.7 million) and the city of Milledgeville ($12.5 million),” said Baldwin County Manager Carlos Tobar at a presentation in September, according to The Union-Recorder.

However, by 9 p.m. with all precincts reporting, the final count was 7,218 votes voting against the sales and use tax and 6,531 voting in favor of the tax.

According to a joint local T-SPLOST presentation in October the benefits for the tax in the city and county were:

In Baldwin County:

* It could resurface 30 more miles of roads a year plus replace bridges and culverts as needed.

* Every road could be resurfaced about every 15 years instead of 62 years.

* It would allow for more robust right-of-way maintenance.

* Nearly 40 percent of the sales tax will be generated by out-of-county shoppers.

In Milledgeville:

* It could resurface about 13 more miles a year.

* Every road could potentially be resurfaced every seven and a half years.

* Infrastructure improvements associated with resurfacing/road maintenance.

* Pedestrian and sidewalk improvements could be made.


On the other hand, with all precincts reporting by 9:30 p.m., the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax referendum in Monroe County showed 7,587 votes, or 61.82 percent, in favor of it versus 4,685 votes, or 38.68 percent, against the tax.

The Monroe County Commissioner decided in July to put $700,000 toward internet expansion from a SPLOST, according to a WGXA-16 report.

Some businesses and homeowners have complained about the lack of internet connection and how slow and inconsistent it has been where it is available. Also, it’s been a problem for students trying to complete their homework assignments online, the report said.


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