Trump supporters find ‘family’ at Make America Great Again rally in Macon

President Trump and Brian Kemp supporters excited about Macon rally

Supporters of President Donald Trump and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp arrive at the Macon airport with high expectations for a rousing campaign rally
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Supporters of President Donald Trump and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp arrive at the Macon airport with high expectations for a rousing campaign rally

Days before one of the most divisive gubernatorial races in recent memory, Nancy Sellers of Box Springs, Ga. said it felt good to be surrounded by so many like-minded people.

“It feels like family,” Sellers said. “Everybody thinks alike. You don’t have to be careful what you say. You can express your beliefs without retribution or wondering if someone’s gonna hit you over the head.”

Sellers often feels like she has to watch what she says. As a conservative Christian and Tea Party supporter, she sometimes feels like her beliefs are under attack.

“I’m not a confrontational person, so I am not comfortable even sometimes with expressing how I feel, especially if the person is aggressive,” Sellers said.

But at the Make America Great Again rally Sunday at Middle Georgia Regional Airport, Sellers found herself in good company. Thousands of Trump supporters traveled from across the state to see the president in person.

Dressed in a pink “Women for Trump” shirt and a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap adorned with a Melania Trump pin, Sellers spent the day chatting with fellow supporters. She and her husband, Greg Sellers, left their home at 7:30 in the morning to beat the crowd.

The day passed quickly, though, Sellers said. She enjoyed talking to the other attendees.

“We’re all like-thinking,” she said. “We all want to be here. We appreciate what he’s doing. “

Bruce Carter of Austell, Ga., also left home early to see the president.

Carter, who moved to Georgia prior to the 1996 Olympic Games, was able to secure a spot front-and-center with only three people in front of him.

“I was dead center, but that crowd was too wild and crazy for me,” Carter said as he walked around well away from the crush near the stage. “It was too closed-quarters for my liking.”

Carter is hoping the Trump visit is what Kemp needs to win on Tuesday.

“I voted last Tuesday and voted Republican straight down the ticket,” said Carter, wearing a St. Louis Cardinals baseball jersey and a Trump 2020 cap.

President Donald Trump endorses Republican candidate for Governor Brian Kemp at Macon rally Sunday. Kemp calls it a 'goal-line stand' in advance of Tuesday Nov. 6 election.

Regan Smith of Metter, Ga., had never attended a Make America Great Again rally before, but she didn’t want to miss the opportunity when she found out the president would be less than two hours from her home.

Living in a small town, Smith normally only gets to see the president on TV. She was excited to take part in the movement in person.

“It’s great,” Smith said. “I love it.”

Smith thinks critics of the president misunderstand his platform.

“I think they don’t understand because they don’t want to, maybe,” she said. “Because, how could you not want your country to be great?”

Sellers said she doesn’t agree with everything President Trump says or does. But she supports his stance on things like abortion, and she’s glad to have a businessman in the White House. She hopes to see one take the governor’s seat, too.

“We want to fight the blue wave,” Sellers said.

Georgia Sen. David Perdue visited Macon for the rally, and he was emphatic that the president’s visit would would help Kemp.

“Look at this right here,” the senator said, pointing to the crowd watching the president and his travel party get ready to leave. “You tell me that didn’t help drive out votes for Kemp all over the state of Georgia.”

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