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Incumbents re-elected to Warner Robins City Council

Video: Warner Robins incumbents re-elected

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WARNER ROBINS — All three incumbent City Council members seeking re-election survived challenges Tuesday from their opponents.

Council members Tim Thomas, Mike Davis and Carolyn Robbins will keep their seats for four more years. The three incumbents gathered with their supporters at City Hall on Tuesday evening to watch the election results update on a screen in council chambers.

Thomas, who represents Post 4, received 332 votes to challenger Betsy Loiacono's 267 votes, ending what became a feisty political race.

"I felt like I ran against Chuck Shaheen and Betsy, and we beat them both," Thomas exclaimed to members of the media and a crowd of cheering supporters.

There have been rumblings for weeks that Shaheen, a current councilman and former city mayor, was supporting Thomas' opponent.

Thomas said he feels like he and the two other incumbents were elected to office because "we're honest and we're above water."

"We do things the right way," Thomas said. "We're very transparent, and they know it."

Loiacono, who was not at City Hall on Tuesday evening, said by phone that voter turnout was low.

"But I certainly congratulate my opponent and hope to continue to move forward," she said. "Who knows what the future holds?"

In the Post 6 council race, Davis received 370 votes to challenger Carmen Antonio's 149 votes.

"Thank God it's over," Davis said. "When the people made a choice tonight, I think they made a statement that they like the way the city is going. We're going to keep the city moving forward, and you're either going to get on the bus or you're going to get left behind."

Antonio also watched for election results at City Hall. She said she spoke with Davis on Tuesday morning.

"He was very cordial, and I thanked him for a wonderful campaign because we're not the mud-slingers," Antonio said. "I didn't have the financial ends to campaign, and I refuse to accept money. So I didn't have big campaign dollars to be putting ads out and stuff."

In the Post 2 race, Robbins received 1,507 votes, more than four times challenger Jeffrey Walker's 347 votes.

"I think it's good for the city of Warner Robins that we can have some continuity to our council and we can still move forward without having to stop with some of our projects," Robbins said. "Was I surprised? Well, my opponent didn't show up for quite a few things, so I had a feeling I would at least win."

Mayor Randy Toms was also in City Council chambers to watch the election results roll in. Toms said he thinks the continuity is good for the city, but he acknowledged "I could have worked with whomever."

"I think it's good for the city of Warner Robins that we're just going to keep moving," the mayor said. "We've got a bright future ahead of us. ... I'm glad we're just going to keep moving without any interruptions."

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