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Judge: No recount for Griffin in Milledgeville mayoral race

The 35 votes that gave Gary Thrower victory in the Milledgeville mayoral race Tuesday are enough to deny rival Floyd Griffin Jr. a recount.

“There’s no automatic recount, and the candidate is not entitled to a recount unless it’s within 1 percent” of votes separating the two, said Baldwin County Probate Judge Todd Blackwell, who oversees the county’s elections.

Thrower took 1,134 votes and Griffin took 1,099, according to uncertified results. That’s a margin of about 1.6 percent.

Blackwell said the few provisional ballots yet to be counted are not enough to bring Griffin close enough for a recount.

But Griffin, a former Milledgeville mayor and former state senator, said he is watching the still-outstanding provisional votes and any military votes that are still untallied.

“The judge has not yet certified the count,” Griffin said Wednesday.

Certification will happen by Friday night after double-checking the regular votes and tallying up the provisional ones.

After that, Griffin has two days to ask for a recount, according to state law. Though Griffin said he may be met with denial, he has not ruled out asking.

Griffin declined to say Wednesday if he suspects any irregularities.

“I’m not going to go there,” he said.

Thrower’s inauguration date has yet to be set. He will take over from acting Mayor Jeanette Walden.

Thrower said the first thing he intends to do is “establish a good, solid relationship with council.”

He also said he will focus first on economic development, something he promised during the summer campaign.

The special election was triggered by the resignation of former Mayor Richard Bentley in February. The next month, Bentley was arrested on charges of insurance fraud.