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Payne City officially dissolved

ATLANTA -- Macon-Bibb County now runs an area a few blocks bigger than it did last week, with the governor’s signature on a bill dissolving Payne City.

The mayor and City Council of the roughly 200-resident enclave asked the Legislature and governor to disband their city, making it part of Macon-Bibb.

The city has farmed out most of its government services to Macon-Bibb providers already. The latest was water, taken over by the Macon Water Authority this year.

Payne City voters rejected consolidation into Macon-Bibb County in 2012 by a 9-7 vote.

That made Payne City’s state representative, James Beverly, D-Macon, reluctant to go along with his colleagues on moves to overrule voters and disband the city anyway.

But with Payne’s leaders wanting to call it quits, Beverly changed his mind this year rather than, as he put it, leave residents without a representative government.

The end of Payne City became official with Gov. Nathan Deal’s March 27 signature of House Bill 575.