Deputies use sirens and AC/DC music to herd ‘reluctant bison’ off Yellowstone roads

Bison management is an off-label use for AC/DC music, but it does get the job done, according to Montana authorities.

Montana deputies working in the West Yellowstone area have been known to blare the Australian hard rock band’s song “Hells Bells” over their speakers to shoo “reluctant bison” off of highways, the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

“Being a deputy around West Yellowstone comes with unusual duties, including herding bison off the highway so no one gets hurt,” deputies wrote. “When deputies respond to a bison on the road, they turn on lights and siren and encourage the animal to leave the road with an air horn.”

AC/DC is a last resort, but deputies said it “usually seems to work.”

Bison encounters with drivers on roadways don’t always end well: A family driving through Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming last month got caught in something of a stampede, and one of the bison rammed into their rental car, the “Today” show reported.

One commenter on the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post wrote that “Taylor Swift would be more effective.” Another commented that “I think AC/DC would get me running too!”

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