Mountain lion pounces on 8-year-old boy running to see friend, Colorado officials say

An 8-year-old boy bouncing on a backyard trampoline Wednesday evening with his brother heard a friend call for him down the street, so he took off running, Colorado wildlife officials say.

That’s when a mountain lion pounced on the boy and bit him in the head about 7:30 p.m. in Bailey, southwest of Denver, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife release says.

“The kid was running and it probably triggered the lion’s natural response to a prey animal running,” said Mark Lamb, area wildlife manager, according to the release.

The boy’s brother ran inside and alerted their father, who came outside to investigate, wildlife officials say.

“The father rushed outside and found the mountain lion on top of his son,” the release says. “The mountain lion let go of the child as the father approached and took off running.”

The child has been hospitalized with serious injuries, wildlife officials say.

“We all hope that the child will be (all right) and you just hate to see this occur,” Lamb said, according to the release.

Colorado wildlife officials searched through the night for the mountain lion using tracking dogs and set a trap for the animal, the release says. The search continued Thursday.

By state policy, the mountain lion must be euthanized because it attacked a person, wildlife officials say.

There have been 22 mountain lion attacks on humans in Colorado since 1990, the release says. Three were fatal, most recently in 1999.

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