What do Middle Georgia schools need from the state? Educators chime in

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Raises for teachers, increased school security and a focus on mental health in high schools were among proposals made by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in his first State of the State address.

But what else do schools need from the state to be successful?The Telegraph asked Middle Georgia educators and stakeholders.


Hannah Freel, English teacher at Central High School in Bibb County

“As a teacher, I believe the state needs to give our district both support and autonomy. We need the support of the state in funding ... to achieve our goals, but as a district, we should have the freedom to decide on those goals ourselves. We need the state to not simply give us laws and directives without resources to implement those directives. Instead we need the state to listen to what our actual difficulties are in our district and then give us support in resources, finances, and initiatives that will respond to those areas of need.”

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Sam Said, 2019 Houston County Teacher Of the Year

“I think at the top of the list would be more resources and more personnel in school. More teachers to lower class sizes and more administrators to help spread the work load out. Over the last few years, especially, educators have felt like we were being spread thin and some more help would be wonderful.”


Sherrod Rockmore, 5th grade teacher at Union Elementary School in Bibb County

“After speaking with my colleagues these are a few things we came up with for the Governor to consider. We would like funding for mental health and anger management for our students. We would also like an on site mental health counselor [and] Increase in teacher pay so we can recruit more qualified teachers to the field and also retain our good teachers.”