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Cops: Macon woman mad about 'nasty' Waffle House restroom grabs pistol


The cop had just pulled up at the Waffle House when a woman who works there hustled over to his patrol car. It was just after midnight Aug. 6, and the officer, a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy, was at the south Macon eatery to see about a disorderly woman with a gun. “That b---- just pulled a gun on me,” said the Waffle House employee, motioning to a Nissan Altima nearby. “And she’s inside that car and trying to leave.” The deputy’s report went on to note that he stopped the Nissan across the street there at the intersection of Pio Nono Avenue and Rocky Creek Road. The deputy asked a 49-year-old woman in the car if she had a gun. No, she said. Then the deputy told her that people at the diner said she had pointed one at them. The woman, who reportedly smelled of alcohol and appeared to have been drinking, said she’d done nothing of the sort. She did say that she’d gone into the restaurant to use the restroom and, according to the deputy’s report, become “disgruntled” because the bathroom “was nasty and stinking.” The deputy later found an unloaded .380-caliber Ruger pistol and six bullets in the car. He then spoke to the Waffle House employee who’d first approached him. She said the angry woman had come in, gone to the toilet and insulted the staff about “the poor condition of the restroom,” the deputy’s report noted. The woman was then said to have gone outside to the car, grabbed the gun “and brandished the pistol” at the diner employee. The woman was jailed on an aggravated assault charge.