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Suspect who stole woman’s Toyota at gunpoint had to ask how to crank it, Macon cops say

A recent stickup at the CVS on Forest Hill Road in north Macon happened soon after a Twiggs County woman walked out of the store. One of the two young robbers who assailed her pulled a gun and threatened to shoot her if she said anything. “He then instructed her to put everything she had” on the seat of her 2019 Toyota RAV4, a sheriff’s report of the Sept. 22 incident noted. Her belongings included her iPhone and her Toyota’s key fob. As one of the gunmen tried to start the RAV4 and get away, the woman, 52, later told the cops he didn’t know how to crank it. “He asked her how to start the vehicle,” the sheriff’s report said, “and she replied that it was push-to-start.” But those instructions apparently didn’t help him. “The subject still couldn’t start the vehicle and, while still pointing the firearm at her, demanded to know how to start the car. She replied, ‘You have to hold the brake and push the button.’ The subject then put the car in gear and left.”

Dispatches: A woman who lives on Willowdale Drive in Macon informed the cops on Oct. 4 that someone had stolen her black, 6-week-old Yorkie from her house. The missing dog’s name was not noted in a sheriff’s report. . . . On Sept. 28, an “older” man riding in what appeared to be a Chevy Colorado pickup got out and took a roughly 3-foot-tall, “huge decorative heavy red ball used for various things” at Tommy’s Express Car Wash on Riverside Drive in Macon. The man was said to have taken the ball, which in car wash photographs sits beside the entrance to the car wash, and put it in the back of his truck and left. . . . A woman backing out of a parking space at the Kroger on Tom Hill Sr. Boulevard in north Macon the evening of Oct. 3 reported that a man in a Honda drove past her Mercedes-Benz C300 and, as a sheriff’s write-up put it, “tossed an egg on the hood of her car. … She stated she didn’t know why someone would toss an egg at her vehicle. There was no damage to the hood of the vehicle, just a broken egg.”

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