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Serial shoplifting suspect targeting Kroger stores in Macon for beer and diapers

A cashier at the Kroger on Forsyth Road in north Macon was ringing up groceries the afternoon of Aug. 29 when she spotted a young man making for the door with a buggy of unpaid merchandise. Another Kroger employee caught up with the guy and asked to see his receipt. The young man, according to a Bibb sheriff’s report, showed the employee “a balled-up piece of paper” that was not a receipt. Then the young man said, “Here, take the damn (expletive),” and abandoned the buggy before taking off in a 2004 Toyota Prius. The $481.35 worth of merchandise left behind was said to include miscellaneous “items from the store, but mostly cases of beer.” The report went on to note that the suspect was later identified as a 23-year-old who “has been going to all the surrounding Krogers” and making off with grocery carts “full of beer cases and diapers.”

Dispatches: On Aug. 12, an alleged shoplifter at Rocky Creek Foods in southwest Macon reportedly ran off but left behind her purse, which was said to contain unpaid packs of sliced turkey and bologna, a bottle of Dr Pepper and a loaf of bread. . . . A woman in east Macon’s Kings Park neighborhood reported on July 31 that a teenage boy she knows busted a mirror in her bedroom because, as a sheriff’s report put it, the boy “was mad at the fact that she would not give him money so that he could go smoke dope.”

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