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Atlanta-area man scammed out of motorcycle by Macon Craigslist crook, cops say

The deal was set. A Lawrenceville man arranged it on Craigslist in mid-August. A guy in Macon, who by phone gave the name “Kelvin,” said he wanted to buy the Lawrenceville man’s motorcycle, which was described in a Bibb County sheriff’s report as a 2005 Suzuki RS worth about $1,500. The man selling the motorbike loaded it on his truck, and on the evening of Aug. 19 headed for south Macon and the Hartley Bridge Road Kroger, where he and Kelvin agreed to meet. The seller, 25, spotted the guy he assumed was the buyer standing outside the supermarket. Kelvin, according to the sheriff’s report, was a slender fellow with tattoos, short hair and “gold in his mouth (top row).” He was wearing a black cap, shorts and a red T-shirt. The report also noted that Kelvin had “a huge gash on his right hand between the thumb and index finger.” It wasn’t clear what the gash was from, but he was toting a black helmet. He helped the seller unload the Suzuki, which they cranked and then shut off. Kelvin, apparently pleased with the motorcycle, then asked for its title. When the seller went to his truck to get it, Kelvin cranked the motorbike and sped away.

Dispatches: A Macon woman called the cops the morning of Aug. 12 to report that she could tell that someone had rifled through her car overnight because, as a sheriff’s write-up later put it, “the dog snacks she had for her dog were out of the console.” . . . The morning of Aug. 19, a sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the Macon Rescue Mission on Hazel Street in downtown because a man and a woman were said to have stolen 17 pairs of shoes from a donation bin. Footage captured by a surveillance camera showed the woman helping the man into the bin and the man handing out “various pairs of shoes.” . . . The same day, a man on Burke Street reported to the cops that he returned home that afternoon and noticed that his roommate’s 32-inch television was missing. A sheriff’s report said the man spoke with some “nameless associates” who told him they saw “a female ‘crackhead’ that goes by the name ‘Tee Tee’ walking down the street with the TV.”