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Georgia man takes girlfriend’s cellphone when she won’t cook breakfast, cops say

On the morning of Aug. 11, a woman on Holt Avenue near Montpelier Avenue in Macon called the police after her live-in boyfriend got mad because, as a sheriff’s report explained, “she didn’t feel like cooking breakfast.” The girlfriend, 61, told a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy that her boyfriend, 58, had taken her cellphone and house keys and pedaled away on a bicycle. The deputy soon caught up with the boyfriend and handcuffed him in front of the old Miller Middle School on Montpelier and took him back to the woman’s residence. The deputy noted in the report that, at the house, marijuana was found hidden in a Crown Royal sack that allegedly belonged to the man. The write-up went on to say that the deputy also found a .38-caliber revolver that the man, a convicted felon, was not supposed to have. The man was jailed on drug, gun and other charges. When he was taken to the county lockup in downtown, the report added, “the subject denied having any knowledge of the firearm and marijuana being (at the house), however during the booking process he was speaking with the booking deputy about his charges and stated that he bought the marijuana for his girlfriend, but he did 25 years in prison, and he is smart enough not to have a gun.”

Dispatches: An Aug. 18 episode at a Broadway church was noted in a sheriff’s report as a “pocket picking.” The complainant, a 52-year-old pastor, said she was attending a dinner at Grady Mission Baptist Church that Sunday evening. At some point, she walked someone outside. “When she returned to her seat,” the report said, “she saw her silver purse open and forty dollars in cash had been taken.” She said there were maybe 20 people in the room at the time, but as the report concluded, “most of the church members were gone” by the time deputies arrived. . . . A 25-year-old woman who was recently staying at the Baymont motel on Riverside Drive in north Macon reported the theft of her iPhone and her wallet, which had $500 in it. On Aug. 12, the woman told cops she had come to town from Atlanta with a midstate woman she knew only as “Cookie.” As the Atlanta woman was about to take a shower at the motel, the woman said Cookie took off with her stuff. The victim said she had ridden to Macon on the promise that they would come “to party.” She said she was told there would be “a big house and they could go to nightclubs in Macon,” the sheriff’s report said. “Once she arrived in Macon she realized that she was lied to.”