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Georgia man punches Burger King manager in outburst over sandwich, cops say

A frustrated customer, as a Bibb County sheriff deputy’s write-up put it, “started a verbal altercation over a hamburger” at a local Burger King. It seems that about noon on Aug. 3, a man in his mid-40s began yelling inside the Bloomfield Road eatery, striking “the counter with his fist” and damaging the counter, the incident report said. The restaurant’s manager several times asked the man to leave, but the man kept fussing and punched the manager in the nose, the report added. The sheriff’s deputy caught up with the alleged troublemaker outside a nearby deli on Mercer University Drive. According to the report, the man said “he was arguing because his hamburger was not cooked properly.” The write-up didn’t mention how the man had wanted the burger. The man was jailed on battery and criminal-damage charges.

Dispatches: In late July, two young men in an SUV parked outside a Flash Foods convenience mart on Gray Highway were reportedly involved in a fight “over a drink,” a Bibb sheriff’s report said. One of the men told the cops he had been punched and bitten in the fray. . . On Aug. 2, a man reportedly barged into an apartment on Houston Road. A sheriff’s report said that while inside, he punched a television screen and told an acquaintance there, “If I can’t watch it, no one will.” . . . On Aug. 8, a Bibb sheriff’s deputy was sent to check on an unusual matter. “I was dispatched to Bonanza Dr. in reference to a naked male walking the street,” the deputy’s report began. When the deputy arrived, the man in question was said to be “walking in the middle of the street with no clothes on,” the report added. “When I approached him he stated he was checking on his yard and that he had just walked his dog. He also advised me that he was in his natural habitat.” He was jailed on a public-indecency charge.