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Man on bicycle seen trying to steal suitcases outside Golden Corral, Macon cops say

The manager of a Golden Corral in west Macon saw something odd one day in the restaurant’s parking lot. A man on a bicycle was dragging suitcases from a car being towed by a U-Haul truck that was parked there. The manager, according to a Bibb County sheriff’s report of the May 20 episode, snapped photos of the man and told him to get lost. As the manager walked over to the guy, he dropped the suitcases and took off on a bike. Meanwhile, one of the eatery’s waitresses alerted three people inside who were traveling in the U-Haul. They checked the truck and the car it was towing and discovered the only things missing were a wallet and a vape pipe. The travelers said they’d left the windows cracked open on the car they were hauling to Kentucky because their pet cats were in it.

Dispatches: In late June, a southwest Macon man reported to the cops that he left “his firearm” with his girlfriend and that it was now nowhere to be found, a sheriff’s report said. When he later asked about the gun, he said his girlfriend told him she had put it in her car to keep it away from her children. “Next she said she had taken her car … to the shop to get it fixed and could not get (the gun),” the report noted. “When he went to (the shop) where she said it was, they said they did not have a car in her name. He called her and she said the car was in her dad’s name.” But the shop had no car in the father’s name either, the man said. Then the girlfriend told him the car had been sent to Atlanta for repairs. The report doesn’t mention what kind of gun it was, but it said the man spoke of the girlfriend having “some other dude(s) over” and suggested they might have the weapon. . . . On July 18, a woman in her mid-70s on Vinson Robinson Road near Log Cabin Drive reported to the police that “someone has been throwing eggs at her house.” A sheriff’s deputy’s report adroitly described the evidence: “several eggshells on the ground.”

Joe Kovac Jr. covers crime and courts for The Telegraph with an eye for human-interest stories. A Warner Robins native, he joined the paper in 1991 after graduating from the University of Georgia.