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Macon Bacon snack bar cashier took home more than bacon, authorities say

On the evening of June 25, while the Macon Bacon baseball club was playing the Gastonia Grizzlies in a collegiate summer league game at Luther Williams Field, an investigation began unfolding at one of the ballpark concession stands. The home team’s staff informed an off-duty Bibb County sheriff’s deputy, who was working a security gig at the park, that a snack bar cashier might be stealing money from the register. Stadium staffers “from a distance” watched the four lines at the snack bar for a while and noticed that most had roughly the same number of patrons. Three of the cash registers handled about 35 sales each while the one staffed by the cashier in question, a 35-year-old woman, had tallied just nine, a sheriff’s report noted. When confronted about the disparity, the woman apologized for pocketing about $60 cash that night, the report said, adding that she told her boss at the ballpark that “she is going through hard times and needed the money.” According to the deputy’s write-up, the woman also said she had taken $70 or so in the past. She was jailed on a misdemeanor theft charge.

Dispatches: The proprietor of a UPS Store on Northside Drive in Macon told cops in late June that “an employee of his stole from him again.” Details of the claim, noted in a June 25 sheriff’s report, said the employee, a 39-year-old woman, in the past had fessed up and returned money taken from the store’s cash register. The owner, the report said, “did not fire her at that time because she cried and he felt bad for her.” When the register turned up $123 short the morning of June 25, the employee was not there but she sent the owner a text message that, in part, read: “Please forgive me. My family is really crazy.” She was jailed on a misdemeanor theft charge and told to stay away from the store. . . . On the morning of July 3, a woman on Bloomfield Drive woke to find it extremely warm in her apartment. She checked the thermostat and then realized someone had stolen her air conditioner.