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Macon woman breaks into church, cooks ground beef and potatoes in Crock-Pot, cops say

Something was amiss in the fellowship hall at Ross Temple Baptist Church. A couple of women who are members at the Berkner Avenue church arrived on a recent Sunday morning and noticed the door to the hall was not closed. Unsure if it was safe to go in, the women, both in their 70s, poked their heads in. What they saw, while perhaps not frightening, was certainly bizarre. A Bibb County sheriff’s report of their June 23 discovery said “the room was in disarray.” Inside was a 37-year-old woman, apparently a non-church member, who had allegedly broken in and made herself at home. Upon seeing this, the church ladies shut the door and called 911. Meanwhile, the mystery woman tried to climb out a window, but burglar bars blocked her escape. A sheriff’s deputy went into the hall and found tables rearranged and chairs strewn. Food was also spilled. Ground beef that one of the church ladies had left in a refrigerator had been placed in a pot with some onions and, as the deputy’s write-up noted, “other ingredients.” The woman had also opened a box of mashed potatoes and, the report added, cooked them in a Crock-Pot. The woman was jailed on charges of burglary and vandalism to a place of worship.

Dispatches: A suspected shoplifter at a Family Dollar store on Houston Avenue in Macon walked in the evening of June 18. He was wearing a long tan coat and light-colored pants, a clerk told the cops when reporting that the guy had stolen two $7.50 packs of Hanes underwear and four $3 cans of chunk light tuna. ... A man who lives on Elm Street in Macon reported a break-in June 23. The man, 57, returned from work to find his front door unlocked. A thief, he told the police, had made off with 10 bottles of cologne, some Nike sneakers and the title to his car. The car title, as a sheriff’s report noted, had been tucked “inside a Michael Jackson album cover,” which was also missing.

Joe Kovac Jr. covers crime and courts for The Telegraph with an eye for human-interest stories. A Warner Robins native, he joined the paper in 1991 after graduating from the University of Georgia.