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Ga. couple shoplifts from Walmart but can’t slip away, cops say

On the afternoon of June 20, a security man at the Walmart on Harrison Road in west Macon noticed a woman walking around the store who was, as a sheriff’s report would later note, “acting sporadic.”

Whatever that implies, her behavior appears to have piqued the security guy’s interest. He began tracking her around the store with surveillance cameras. A Bibb County sheriff’s deputy who happened to be at the store mentioned in a write-up that the woman, 42, was from Macon and that she was with a 38-year-old man from McDonough.

The two soon strolled onto “the personal lubricant aisle” where the man reportedly picked up a $5 bottle of One Move-brand lubricant. The woman was said to have then unzipped a backpack the man was wearing and later while passing through the sunglasses section she tucked the lubricant inside.

Later at the checkout, the man paid for one item, which wasn’t listed in the report, but did not pay for the bottle of lubricant. The man then sat down on a bench near the women’s bathroom and he was arrested while waiting for the woman to emerge. When she did, she too was jailed on a shoplifting charge.

Dispatches: On the evening of June 17, a woman in southwest Macon’s Village Green neighborhood invited a guy over to her place. A sheriff’s report said she had “been communicating with (the man) for about three weeks.” She said she went to bed about 10:30 p.m. while the man was still there. She woke the next morning to find her front door unlocked and her 9mm pistol missing. According to the report, the woman, 31, said the guy “did not even tell her he was leaving and he has not been answering her calls. … (She) says she has learned her lesson and this will not happen to her again.” . . . A burglar appears to have been spooked when an alarm blared during a break-in attempt at a house on Brooklawn Street in Macon the afternoon of June 20. A sheriff’s report noted that the apparently-startled suspect “ran out of their flip-flops.” The footwear, described as “some Georgia Bulldogs flip-flops,” was found outside the house. The woman who lives there, the report added, said the flip-flops “did not belong to her. They will be placed in the crime lab.”