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3 women fled with $200 Dollar General haul but the buggy was too full, report says

The rundown of stolen merchandise, $204.70 in all, reads more like a grocery list than a sheriff’s report. Authorities say 83 items were wheeled out of a south Houston County Dollar General store by a trio of women on May 29. One was wearing a lime-green shirt, one had on a tie-dyed top and one was toting a cow-print purse. The women were said to have walked into the store, which sits at the intersection of Ga. 247 and Ga. 127 in the heart of Kathleen, and filled a shopping cart with an assortment of items.

Here’s a rundown of what was in the cart, according to the Houston County sheriff’s report:

  • Frozen pizzas
  • Body wash
  • Cranberry vitamins
  • Oreos
  • Nine packs of black cherry Kool-Aid
  • Fake fingernails, tweezers, eyeshadow and lip gloss
  • Three sets of silverware
  • Bandages
  • Nasal spray
  • A loaf of bread

The report said a customer followed the women out of the store, where the woman in the tie-dyed shirt had abandoned the still-loaded cart because she was, in making her getaway, “unable to push the buggy through the grass.” Before she could escape, though, a store clerk snapped a photo of her walking down the highway and gave it to the cops.

Dispatches: An 81-year-old man on Eagle Ridge Road in southern Bibb County told a sheriff’s deputy that on June 1 he went outside about 5:30 a.m. to fetch his newspaper. It was then he noticed that someone had torn up a pair of what were described as “white religious crosses” and spray-painted a red cross on his driveway. On the evening of June 12, three women reportedly walked out of the Buckle store in north Macon’s Shoppes at River Crossing and got away without paying for 13 bottles of cologne worth a total of $1,097. A dozen of the bottles were Versace scents for men. The other was a fragrance called Gucci Guilty.