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Cops catch alleged toilet paper bandit after midnight break-in at Macon CVS

Police officers were left questioning why someone would need to steal $20 worth of toilet paper this week after a man was arrested for burglarizing a Macon CVS in the wee hours of June 7.

A front window at the store, which sits next to a Taco Bell just south of the intersection of Eisenhower Parkway and Bloomfield Road, was smashed with a brick and the culprit slipped inside.

A Bibb County sheriff’s report said the alleged burglar’s haul of Fiora-brand toilet paper — actual slogan: “Smart feels good” — was later recovered.

The suspect was a bald, local man in his early 50s who has, according to records, served 11 prison sentences since the mid-1980s for crimes that include robbery, burglary, drug possession, obstruction, forgery and theft.

The CVS was closed when the man, dressed in all black, was apparently spotted by security cameras. As the sheriff’s report noted, he was “last seen leaving the business with toilet tissue in hand.”

It is possible that the tissue was just something he may have needed. He was said to be living in an abandoned house. The alleged TP-taker declined to give a statement when he was nabbed, the report noted, though he did admit being “guilty of the burglary.”

Dispatches: A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the Macon Rescue Mission in downtown on June 7 to check on a report of a stolen car. A 65-year-old man there told the deputy that a day or two earlier he had loaned his 2011 Dodge Journey to an area drug dealer in exchange for a couple of rocks of crack cocaine. The dealer was supposed to return the car the day before but hadn’t. An incident report identified the dealer by name. But to anyone familiar with Al Pacino’s coke-kingpin character in the 1983 film “Scarface,” the name seems a little fishy: “Tony Montana.”

On June 1, a 17-year-old boy at a home on Heath Road in west Macon “damaged a bedroom door” when, as a sheriff’s report described it, “he got upset because his brother told him he could not make it up from Florida for this 18th birthday.”