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Did Macon man dress like woman to fool cops and slash ex’s car tire?

This is Cop Shop, The Telegraph’s collection of sometimes strange and unusual occurrences reported by Middle Georgia cops.

There was nothing wrong with a west Macon woman’s car when she pulled up at her place on Chambers Road the night of May 24, she told a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy. But about 11:15 p.m., after she’d been home for about an hour, she said a neighbor told her that someone had slashed one of her tires. The neighbor described the culprit as “a big person dressed up like a woman,” the deputy’s report said. The woman, in her mid-20s, said that although she had no proof, she believed the tire-slasher was her ex-boyfriend. She explained that sometime before they split up he had told her, “I’m smart.” And as the sheriff’s report noted, he said that “if he ever did anything criminal, he would dress up like a woman so the cops would not be able to recognize him.” There was no word on whether the cops had spoken to him.


  • A “disorderly customer” at the Neighborhood Grocery on Napier Avenue in Macon was reportedly bumping into other shoppers and cussing the store’s owner, all while recording the commotion on Facebook Live. A sheriff’s report of the March 9 incident said a sheriff’s deputy tried to calm the troublemaker, a man in his middle 30s, but the guy continued cussing and bumping into other customers. He was, the report noted, “extremely intoxicated” and gave the sheriff’s deputy “the thousand-yard stare” before he was jailed on a disorderly conduct charge
  • A pair of young women in the kitchen at Cookout, a fast-food eatery off Eisenhower Parkway near Interstate 475 on Macon’s west side, had a spat the afternoon of May 2. One of the workers, 26, told her manager that the other woman, also 26, was “not sociable with customers,” a sheriff’s report said. The woman who’d been complained about reportedly bumped the complainer and tapped her face, picking at her to provoke a fight. The manager suspended both women. As both were leaving, one of the woman was said to have threatened to run over the other one with her car.