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Handyman chases shingle-hurling kids who flipped picnic table into Macon pool

A man doing repairs at an apparently vacant house not far from Freedom Park in Macon pulled up one day, walked around to the backyard and spotted what a Bibb County sheriff’s report described as “a small child on the roof of the shed.” The child, the report went on, was “ripping the shingles off the roof and throwing them into the pool.”

The house is on Guthrie Drive, not far from Hillcrest Avenue. The handyman, 58, also told the cops that the pool’s cover had been ripped. He also noticed that a picnic table had been flipped into the pool.

About then, the write-up of the April 14 episode added, the man also saw “four of five more children” come running out of the back door of the house. The man chased the kids and corralled them in the backyard and asked them their names.

The children, who were between the ages of about 6 and 12, were also suspected of breaking glass on the house’s back door. The kids, who were not there when the cops arrived, were thought to live nearby.

Dispatches: A woman at Evergreen Estates mobile home park on Houston Road in south Bibb County called the cops on the morning of May 26 to report a dead chicken. The woman, 38, said her husband had earlier that day seen that their chicken cage was broken. “As he walked around and was counting his chickens, he found one dead chicken at the fence line almost in the same spot his rabbit was found dead” the day before, a sheriff’s report said. The suspects turned out to be their neighbors’ dogs, which were taken away by animal-control officers. . . . A Louisiana woman in her late 20s was jailed in Macon on May 27 for allegedly stealing from the Walmart on Harrison Road. A sheriff’s report said she’d eaten a hot dog without paying for it and tried to steal a bra, which she was wearing when she was apprehended. . . . There was a report of a stolen package from a house on College Street in Macon the morning of May 23. The package, a $40 delivery of “flea treatment,” was dropped off at 10:12 a.m. The person who lives there later saw on footage from a security camera that, two minutes or so later, a man in blue shorts and a black T-shirt walked up and stole the package. The as-yet-unidentified culprit was said to be in his late 20s or early 30s. His T-shirt read: “Only God Judges Me.”

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