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A Bibb hair stylist was arrested over $20. Text messages show why, police report says

It is not everyday that an alleged theft-by-conversion case involves a hairdo. But on May 17, a Macon woman went to the cops to complain that a Forest Avenue hairstylist she paid $20 to arrange an appointment with to coif her daughter’s hair failed to show up.

In fact, the mother complained, the stylist ignored several calls and messages. The mother, according to a Bibb County sheriff’s report, sent the stylist a text message at the appointment time, which read, “My daughter is there waiting on ya.”

The mom then sent more messages, wondering where the stylist was and, later, another, which said, “I need to get my money back bc she didn’t get her hair done.”

The sheriff’s report of the episode said there was initially “no response” from the stylist. The stylist did eventually respond and said she was in Warner Robins and offered to return the payment through a money-sharing app. The mother said nope, she wanted cash.

The stylist, when reached by the cops, reportedly claimed that the woman’s daughter never showed up for the appointment and “denied any knowledge of sending text messages” to the mother, the report said. A sheriff’s deputy didn’t buy the stylist’s story and she was jailed for theft.


  • On the morning of May 19, a Bibb sheriff’s deputy was sent to check on a property-damage complaint at an apartment complex on Wesleyan Drive. A woman who lives there said she looked out her window about 9 a.m. and noticed “something white on the passenger’s side of her car,” according to the sheriff’s report The woman went outside and there on her black Toyota Camry was, as the report described it, “a message written in large letters with white spray paint … ‘B---- Leave My Man Alone.’” The woman told the deputy that she doesn’t “have time to mess around” with another man.
  • The landlord of a house on Forest Avenue evicted “several subjects” from the home on May 17. A sheriff’s report said that someone had left behind “trash and food spread everywhere, including mustard and ketchup sprayed all over the walls.”