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Macon woman read a meme on her phone out loud. It resulted in a flying shoe, officials say

Two women were at a friend’s house on Gledhill Street in Macon’s Unionville neighborhood the afternoon of April 22 when trouble started. One of the women, 24, later told the police that she read aloud a meme on her phone, and that the other women, also 24, thought the meme was about her.

A Bibb County sheriff’s report of what happened next doesn’t mention what the meme said, just that the woman who read it had told the other woman that, yes, it was about her. An argument ensued.

The woman who’d read the meme told a sheriff’s deputy that the other woman “threw a shoe at her and hit her in the stomach,” the deputy’s write-up noted. The woman struck by the shoe “stated that she walked in the house and grabbed (the shoe hurler) and drug her out of the house.” An eyewitness confirmed that a shoe was flung but did not know whether it struck anyone.

The supposed shoe slinger was gone when the sheriff’s deputy got there, but when reached by phone she told the deputy that the other woman “picks at her about her ex-husband.” She said “she did throw a shoe, but did not hit” anyone.

The deputy’s report concluded: “Evidence suggests that it was mutual combat between the two. No warrants will be issued.”

Dispatches: A man on Robert Henry Street in Macon called the cops May 3 to report that his girlfriend’s brother had broken a television. The man said the brother just “flips out and begins breaking things,” a sheriff’s report said, adding that “this has been going on for seven years.” The man reporting the incident went on to say that the brother recently banged the door of his SUV with a brick. . . . On May 3, a woman on Log Cabin Drive reported that her brother, who is on parole, trashed her apartment, stole $12 and a cellphone, then cut off his ankle monitor and vanished. . . . A man walking down Pierce Avenue while drinking Colt 45 malt liquor at 1 o’clock in the morning on May 13 told a sheriff’s deputy that he was just “walking the streets to clear his head because his girlfriend wasn’t home.” It turned out that the man, 39, was wanted on a family-violence charge.