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Man yelling ‘redneck’ busts soy sauce bottle, ruins couple’s meal at popular Macon eatery

On the evening of April 27, a husband and wife having dinner at Mikata Japanese Steakhouse on Riverside Drive in north Macon were interrupted when another man sitting at their table erupted in anger. Why he was angry wasn’t clear.

The restaurant features tables with half a dozen or so seats situated around a hibachi grill. Cooks there put on a show, tossing spatulas, juggling eggs and telling jokes to patrons as they prepare meals. Often, diners are seated with people they don’t know, and on this particular night that appeared to be the case, according to a Bibb County sheriff’s report.

The angry man, for whatever reason, slammed a bottle of soy sauce on the table, shattering it and sending glass all over the other couple’s plates. The angry man, for reasons not known, then began calling the man at the table with his wife “a hillbilly and a redneck and cursing at him,” the report said.

The man being yelled at, a 31-year-old from Warner Robins, asked the angry guy “what his problem was and told him that he had gotten glass all in his and his wife’s food, and also gotten soy sauce all over them.”

After trying to pick a fight with the husband, the angry man stormed out without paying for nearly $60 worth of food that he and a woman he was with had ordered.

Dispatches: Late one night in early March, a man was arrested on Lilly Avenue in Macon for causing a ruckus at a neighborhood gathering. Another man told the cops that the supposed troublemaker, 59, “had too much to drink” and that when he does that “he conducts himself in a disorderly manner.” A sheriff’s report added: “Everyone at the party was tired of (the man’s) disorderly behavior.” . . . In the predawn hours of May 1, a 59-year-old man on Flamingo Drive in south Macon reported a disturbance that a sheriff’s report said involved a woman in her mid-20s hurling a brick through his window and knocking over his fish bowls because, as the man put it, “he won’t mess with her.”