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Shirtless Macon man admits swindling Domino’s deliverer out of pizza and Dr Pepper

It was a simple enough con job — if a reported fraud noted in a Bibb County sheriff’s write-up happened the way it was described. On the evening of April 18, a sheriff’s deputy was summoned to the 500 block of Poplar Street in downtown Macon. A shirtless man was said to have walked up to a woman who was delivering Domino’s pizzas and asked her if the pizzas had been paid for with a credit card. “Yes,” the woman told him. “OK,” the guy said, “I think those are mine.” The sheriff’s report said the guy looked at the receipt and confirmed to the pizza deliverer, “Yes, they are.” So he signed for the pizzas. The report doesn’t say what kind of pizzas they were, just that they and the two-liter bottle of Dr Pepper the woman was toting cost $38. As soon as the man walked off, the sheriff’s report noted, the woman “felt something was wrong with what just happened.” She called her manager at Domino’s and was informed that the person who had actually ordered the pizzas was wondering where they were. The sheriff’s deputy didn’t have to look far to find the suspect. The shirtless man wasn’t far away. He was just up the street, and as the deputy’s report put it, he was “acting very erratic. … When he admitted to lying about the pizza being his and him saying he signed a name to get the pizza, I placed him in handcuffs.” The man, 37, was jailed on forgery and theft-by-deception charges. No word on whether the pizzas were eaten.

Dispatches: A 55-year-old woman who was staying at the InTown Suites motel on Eisenhower Parkway in Macon called the cops on the morning of April 13 and said her boyfriend had driven off in her 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe. She said her boyfriend, 49, had paid for the SUV but that it was in her name. According to a sheriff’s report of the incident, she said her boyfriend “is mad at her because she is staying with her ex-husband” at the motel. She also mentioned that the boyfriend “is crazy, and possibly on drugs.” The missing Hyundai turned up at Club Sparks on Mercer University Drive. . . . A woman “upset about something” reportedly went into Judy’s Nail Salon near Roses on Pio Nono Avenue in south Macon on April 22. A sheriff’s write-up of the episode said she “started to toss some of the equipment around,” including bottles of nail polish and nail remover. She also was said to have hurled an iPhone that belonged to a man who works there, cracking its screen. The report didn’t say what set the woman off.