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Did mom’s ‘guy friend’ steal her kids’ new Easter shoes after she told him to leave?

A 39-year-old mother who lives on Montpelier Avenue claims a “guy friend” left her house with two new pairs of shoes she bought for her children to wear on Easter.

The woman told Bibb County sheriff’s officials the man was invited to her home on the night of April 9 but she later “asked him to leave,” the sheriff’s report said.

The man, 30, apparently called a cab and left. But as the mother later informed a sheriff’s deputy, the guy took off with two pairs of brand-new shoes she had bought — one pair for her 3-year-old and the other for her 4-year-old. The mother still had her receipt from the Shoe Show: one pair of white, Rachel-brand Tatiana shoes worth $15; and a red-white-and-black pair of Nike Hustles worth about $50.

The mother showed the sheriff’s deputy a series of text messages from the friend. The deputy’s write-up said the friend claimed to have tossed the shoes in a trash bin outside her house.

“We both checked all the garbage bins,” the report noted, but the shoes were nowhere to be found. The mother then called the guy and put him on speaker so the deputy could hear. The friend then said he had taken the shoes and stuck them near an electrical box on the side of the house. He then said he had put them behind an abandoned house across the street. The shoes weren’t in either spot.

The deputy spoke to the man on the phone.

According to the report, he “denied taking the shoes and stated that the shoes” were on the mother’s dresser. The shoes were not there either. The mother later told the Cop Shop that the shoes turned up in a garbage can. She didn’t mention what’d become of the “guy friend.”


  • The morning of April 14, a man who lives on North Lyons Street in Macon arrived home from working an overnight shift to find that his front steps had collapsed after someone set them on fire. The man, 56, said he didn’t know who might have done it. He told a sheriff’s deputy that he “sticks to himself” and “doesn’t know anyone.”
  • A suspected shoplifter was nabbed at Kohl’s department store on Zebulon Road in Macon the afternoon of April 2. The man who was caught, 47, had reportedly tried to sneak out wearing a $44 pair of jogging pants under the trousers he had worn into the store. A sheriff’s report said the fellow admitted trying to take the jogging pants “because he has no money and needed them.”