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Man who busted into Georgia law office wearing only underwear doesn’t remember why

A close-up photo of police lights by night
A close-up photo of police lights by night

A brief exchange of compelling dialogue played out in Bibb County Superior Court the other day. A man accused of breaking into a Macon law office about 2 a.m. on Dec. 19 while wearing nothing but his underwear was pleading guilty. In court Monday morning, the man, 31, said that all he remembered was taking a car from Covington, his hometown east of Atlanta, and ending up in Macon. The car was found ditched along Interstate 75 near downtown here. That same day, in the wee hours of Dec. 19, Bibb sheriff’s deputies answering a burglar-alarm call at a law office on nearby Forsyth Street found the shirtless, pantsless man sitting at a desk. The man appeared, as prosecutor Nancy Scott Malcor would later put it, “highly intoxicated.” After a deputy shined a flashlight on him, the man struggled with the deputy while he was being arrested. In court on Monday, his lawyer told the judge that the man has substance-abuse problems. The man pleaded guilty to trespassing and obstruction, both misdemeanors, and was sentenced to two years’ probation. He was also ordered to pay $450 restitution. As the man stood before Judge Howard Z. Simms, the man said, “I’m thankful for the outcome. It could have been worse.” The judge then asked, “What were you high on?” Nothing, the man said, adding, “I do smoke meth, but at the time it had been six days since I did.” The judge then clarified his question, explaining that he was asking only because “I’m just trying to make sure I avoid anything that would cause me to take my clothes off and then sit in a law office.”

Dispatches: An unknown man in his late 20s was said to have entered Academy Sports on Eisenhower Parkway in Macon on March 2 wearing all black. He also wore a backpack. Store employees recognized the fellow. He was known for, as a sheriff’s report noted, “stealing Yeti cups.” The report said this time, though, he vamoosed, not with stylish cups, but with $200 or so worth of “various clothing.” . . . While a distilled-beverage deliveryman was dropping off some merchandise at Silly Willy’s package store on Pio Nono Avenue in Macon on March 26, three guys drove up in a truck. According to a Bibb sheriff’s report, they “took a half gallon of Jose Cuervo.”